Enjoy delicious gourmet food at Kokusai Street Yatai Village

Enjoy delicious gourmet food at Kokusai Street Yatai Village
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Needless to say, Kokusai Dori, a popular tourist spot representing Okinawa, is the busiest street in Okinawa and the largest downtown area in Naha. Did you know that there are famous places on such Kokusai Dori with the concept of transmitting Okinawa's unique culture and deepening the exchange between locals and tourists?

A popular stall village located on Kokusai Street in Naha City

Opened in June 2015, Kokusai Dori Yatai Village, has 21 restaurants of various genres, including Okinawan cuisine, Japanese and Western foods.

It is recommended that you ladder several stores according to your mood. One of the attractions is that you can enjoy a different atmosphere for each shop, such as toasting with the neighbors in the open atmosphere of the outer seats, and the staff and the secret spots of Okinawa at the counter seat.

Stalls are open from 12:00 to 24:00 (depending on the stalls). It is also a nice point that you can use it at your favorite timing, such as lunchtime, when you are hungry, dinner, etc.

However, many people say, "I'm wondering where to go." So this time, I would like to introduce four recommended stalls by genre. Please refer to it.

Team palm tree

Immediately after entering from Minamiyama-dori! "Team Yasushi Tree" recommended for meat lovers

Right after entering from Minamiyama Dori. Since I came to Okinawa, I want to eat meat! "Team Yasushi Tree" is recommended for those who say. From the front of the store, the scent of baked meat that gives you appetite.

"Agu Hamburger" by "Team Yasushi Tree" of the popular number one menu brought on by hot iron plate

The most popular is "Agumo Hamburger". Mixing agusa pork and minced meat in 5: 5. It is carried by iron plate with the sound of jujujujuju. You can enjoy three kinds of sauces: original, ponzu and cheese. You can't remove smoked food. Kunchama (pork neck) bacon is smoked to remove excess fat and only umami remains. Beer goes with a fragrant and moist taste. We also recommend smoked cheese potato salad mixed with smoked quail eggs, cheese and spam mixed with potato salad.

Captivating pigs

"Pigs of pigs" where you can enjoy creative dishes made with Okinawan ingredients

If you want to enjoy creative cuisine using Okinawan ingredients, we recommend "pork captivated" Located on the right side of the entrance to Kitayama-dori, it has a relaxed impression between seats, including the counter, in the food stalls.

Popular "Agg dumplings with salt" to order more than 400 meals in a month, "Pot captivated"

"Aguo dumplings with salt", which has an order of more than 400 meals a month, is an unusual style in which a combination of several types of salt, such as Kumejima salt and Shima Maas. It is said that many tourists come for this dumpling for two consecutive days while staying in Okinawa because of its deliciousness. Also, "Okinawa Ketchup Yakisoba" is a lot of orders with dumplings. Because Okinawa soba noodles are seasoned with ketchup, it is popular among families with children. Let's have it with sour squawr in place of ice.

Island sake and appetizers

"Island sake and appetizers" in the center of the stall village

"Island sake and appetizers" in the center of the stall village. There is a stage in front of the store, and when there is an event (irregular holding), it is a special seat where you can watch it in front of you while eating.

A famous store always has about 150 kinds of awamori brands. by "Island sake and appetizers"

This famous store has about 150 kinds of awamori brands at all times. Don't worry if you don't mind what to choose. "Island sake and appetizers" have awamori Meister, so while listening to customers' preferences and suggest how to drink suit this person. The appetizers that goes well with awamori is "Tsukimozuku", which uses thick mozuku from Kumejima. Pickled sauce made by soy sauce and grilled green onions in chicken soup stock boiled for more than 5 hours has a refreshing but rich taste. In addition, the soft meat quality “paine pork roasted raft” grown using pine as fertilizer is also a gem that you want to taste together.

A little bit of sushi

"Chocotto Sushi" where you can enjoy authentic sushi in a stand village

Here is "Chocotto Sushi" where you can taste authentic sushi. Located on Nakayama-dori, the interior of the store has a calm atmosphere with Okinawan textiles and wood decorations ordered from Hokkaido.

Sushineta, which is sent directly from Hokkaido, is popular. by "Slightly Sushi"

Sushineta, which is sent directly from Hokkaido, is fresh. Mainly the rare seafood of Hokkaido and Okinawa, one hand and two hands are added with the technique of Edo-mae, and hold while drawing out the goodness of each. There are everything from consistency to assortment, so it's a good idea to feel free to ask depending on your stomach. In addition, "Ezokko rice", which can be put on a bowl, will surely make you feel happy as well as shine.

How was it? Kokusai Dori Yatai Village is a first trip to Okinawa or if you have visited Okinawa many times, please enjoy Kokusai Dori Yatai Village in your own way of enjoying it.

There are not only food stalls in the stall village. At the stage in the center of the village, various events unique to Yatai Village, special productsmarche from all over the country, collaboration events, etc. may be held, so check the official website in advance.

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