Let's meet cute bowls and cafes! Take a walk along the Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori

Let's meet cute bowls and cafes! Take a walk along the Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori
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A 5-minute walk from Kokusai Dori in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. "Tsuboya Yachimmun-dori" is located in the center of Naha, but still retains the good old Okinawan remnants. This time, we will introduce five spots that are essential to enjoy Tsuboya Yachimmun Street. Why don't you take a walk on this nostalgic road as you like?

Know the treasure trove of Yachimmun "Tsuboya Yachimmun Dori"

"Tsuboya Yachimmun-dori" is a street where potteries, workshops, and dealers of the traditional Okinawan pottery "Yachimn". It has a long history, and potters built in various places by the Ryukyu Royal Government about 300 years ago have been gathered here and are now very popular as the hometown of Hayachim.

Along the street, there are not only long-established potters, but also workshops, select shops, cafes, etc. that deal with the works of young artists, and there are also old-fashioned taste spots behind the alleys.

"Tsuboya Yachimmun-dori" is full of taste that mixes old and present. The unique cityscape that gets lost in another world is recommended not only for those seeking Yachimu but also for those who want to take a leisurely stroll.

Handmade Tsuboya ware at the long-established potter "Ikutoen Yachimmun Dojo"!

Yachimu made in Tsuboya is called "Tsuboya ware". The long-established potter of Tsuboya ware, "Ikuzoen Yachimmun Dojo", a pottery experience class is held every day! The craftsman will teach you carefully from scratch, so even first-timers can easily experience it.

The courses are full of Shisa making, painting, potter's wheel molding, hand twisting molding, and one-day apprentice experience. There are plenty of start dates and works, so please choose them according to your travel schedule and preferences.

It's familiar with Western food. "guma guwa" of soft "gumaguwa"

"Guma guwa" is a brand shop designed by Tsuboya ware potter "Ikutoen". With the desire to make the younger generation feel closer to Tsuboya ware, we are making vessels that are easy to use on a daily basis, mainly by young craftsmen.

In the masterpiece "Morning Series", we offer mugs, bowls, plates, etc. While making use of the color and texture of Yachimmun, there are plenty of vessels that are perfect for Western-style breakfast and meals, such as patterns and shapes. In addition to the morning series, miscellaneous goods such as chopstick rests with stylish designs and cooking utensils selected from inside and outside the prefecture are lined up. There are items that would make your usual dining table a little richer.

"Nchazeku" where you can enjoy the bowl of three and three people.

The store name "Nchaze-ku" refers to "Ncha = soil" and "Zek = creator" in Okinawan language. As the name of the store, the works of three parents and children who are "earth craftsmen" are lined up in the store full of warmth of wood. The owner of Ishikura's home was originally a potter from Tsuboya. He was born and raised in Tsuboya, but with his husband's independence, he moved his base to Nanjo City and set up the "Ishikura Pottery Factory" and worked hard to make Yachimun.

The three works have different senses and individuality, and they are exactly three people. One of the most recommended is the ceramic sake brewery and Karakarara. Awamori, which is mainly used in the Ryukyu cultural sphere, poured with Karakara, is exquisite. In addition, there are a wide variety of products, from traditional to modern ones. All of them are casual and fashionable, and there are many vessels that can be used for a long time.

It's like cotton candy? A cup of tea from Okinawan traditional tea "Bukubuku tea"

"Bukubuku tea" is said to have been brewed in Kingdom of ryukyu to entertain guests. The shop where you can drink this noble tea is "Uchina Chaya & Gallery Bukubuku Tea" along Tsuboya Yachimmun Street.

It looks like cotton candy or oyster ice is very impressive! At the shop, you can enjoy a set of Okinawan traditional sweets "Chinsuko" and "Kunpon" along with bukubuku tea.

In addition to eating and drinking space, the restaurant also has a gallery. Here, not only Tsuboya ware, but also pottery and glass works collected from all over the prefecture are sold. After taking a break with tea, try to touch Okinawan crafts where handicraft techniques shine.

How was it? You can look for your favorite Yachimu, try to make your own Yachimmun, or take a break in a cafe with an excellent atmosphere. "Tsuboya Yachimmun-dori" is not a car, but it is recommended to enjoy a leisurely walk while feeling the wind of Okinawa.

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