You can purchase everything, such as meat, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, and have been popular as a "kitchen for the common people."

Naha-shi Daiichi Makishi Public Market

Naha-shi Daiichi Makishi Public Market

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Naha and Kokusai Dori

The market is full of fresh subtropics-colored fresh seafood. Enjoy the popular island raccoon and sea grapes with abundant fruits and Shimano greens.

Store Details

Store nameNaha-shi Daiichi Makishi Public Market
2-10-1, Matsuo, Naha-shi


About 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport
About 8 minutes walk from Yui Rail Makishi Station
TEL 098-867-6560
Business hours8: 00-22: 00 (depending on stores)
Regular holidayThe fourth Sunday of every month, New Year's Day (1/1-1/3), Lunar New Year, Old Bon (Ukui and the next day)

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