The Beach Tower Okinawa

The Beach Tower Okinawa

Resort hotel

Chatan-cho (American Village)

Shima-uta and Ryukyu cuisine Kitatani Dining Seaside Okinawa Dining at the seaside, listen to the heartwarming Shima-uta live with the taste and songs of the island. If you participate in Kachashi, you will feel excited about Okinawa. Chulatida / Agu Shabu-shabu & Dinner Viking Agu pork shabu-shabu and abundant dishes and special sweets as much as you like. The inside of the store where the warmth of wood is full of Okinawa. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as charcoal grilling from carefully selected ingredients, rafting and Goya Champloo. "Easy Mammy Pack" that presents paper diapers, but wipes, stick type milk and baby food for the number of nights.

Store Details

Store nameThe Beach Tower Okinawa
8-6, Mihama, Chatan-cho


About 1 minute walk from Aeon Kitatani Shopping Center
TEL 098-921-7711
Business hours24 hours
Regular holidayOpen daily (with facility maintenance available for one day)
Parking lot Available for free, 185 units
Payment method


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