A craft & accessories in the world where you can feel the gentle breath of nature

Original goods of sea craft AKI workshop

Sea gulls

Original goods of sea craft AKI workshop

Accessories and miscellaneous goods: Cultural experience

West Coast Resort

A general store using natural materials such as popular shells and seagrasss. Everything is one point, so I'm sure you'll be pleased! Gentle lights spilling from shells and seagrasss Craft experience 1200 yen ~ "Craft experience" where you can make your own work. It's a wonderful memory of travel. Sea craft original miscellaneous goods (product example) Shell photo frame 1,800 yen, seagras photo frame 2,300 yen from left Seagras lamps (with equipment) 3,500 yen or more, turtle lamps (with equipment) 3,500 yen Examples of handmade experience Wood shell card 500 yen, pierced earrings hanger 500 yen Wood clock ¥3,200 ~ (Okinawa tree, Sendan)

Store Details

Store nameOriginal goods of sea craft AKI workshop
2708, Onna, Onna-son


About 3 minutes walk from Onna Village Office
TEL 098-966-1071
Business hours10: 00-18: 00 (Thursday 10: 00-17: 30)
Regular holidayWednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Parking lot Yes, 6 units are free.

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