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Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio

Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio

Traditional crafts: Cultural experience

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It has an exquisite balance of the texture reminiscent of Ryukyu glass cup lacquer and the weight feeling unique to glass.   Colorful and cute products are lined up A variety of original products are also available. "Blowed glass easy course" Scoop the melted glass in a kiln that reaches 1.130 ° C. 2.Make the scooped glass into a round shape. He said he would use the phosphorus. 3.Put the bugs of the glass on the melted glass.

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Store Details

Store nameRyukyu Glass Tida Studio
1780-3, Serakaki, Onna-son


About 1 minute drive from ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort
TEL 098-966-1040
Business hours9:00〜18:00
[Experience reception hours] 9:00~11:30、13:00~16: 30 (rest from 15:00 to 15:30)
※Experience reservations can be made on the official website.
Regular holidaySunday (Irregular holiday)
※Please check the official website.
Parking lot Available for free

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