Experience-based theme park is healed by the original scenery of the island

Ishigaki and now village

Ishigaki and now village

Theme park


"Ya Ashibi" 3 times a day / demonstration Sanshin live performances with live performances of Sanshin, songs, drums and dances "Ryukyu Costume Experience" Experience Fee 1,000 Yen Each person required time: About 5 minutes colorful red mold is a woman's longing, and shooting with my camera is OK! "Shisa coloring experience" experience fee: It takes 1,800 yen per body, 3,300 yen for pairs: About 60 minutes "squirrel monkey Forest" Bolivia squirrel monkey is bred close to nature. The friendly squirrel monkey comes in as soon as he feeds squirrel monkey's palm Yaeyama soba set meal. "Anparu Shokudo" offers dishes using local ingredients, including popular Yaeyama soba. "Island Zouri Art Experience" experience fee 3,000 yen, travel time: 3 hours or more Quick-drying paint is used in Shisa coloring experience, so you can take it home on the day.

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Store Details

Store nameIshigaki and now village
967-1, Nagura, Ishigaki-shi


About 35 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport
About 20 minutes by car from Ishigaki City Hall
TEL 0980-82-8798
Business hours9:00〜17:30
Final reception: 17:00
Regular holidayClose
Parking lot Yes, 100 units are free.

[Irimura fee] Adults (junior high school students and above)


Group rates (15 adults or more) available.

[Irimura fee] Children (3 years old and under elementary school age)


Group rates (15 adults or more) available.

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