Enjoy the nature, culture and traditions of Okinawa!

Gyokusen-dong, Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom

Gyokusen-dong, Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom

Theme park

Nanjo City, Yaezaki Town, Haebaru Town, Yonabaru Town

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A theme park with Okinawa's nature and culture are gathered together! "Underground trip" is a mystery of nature. Experience the time at the bottom of the ground for tens of thousands of years. Tropical fruit garden "Fruit Watching". Cultivation of tropical fruit trees such as pineapple and mango Ryukyu glass and traditional craft "handmade experience" Perfect for memories of travel "A relaxing space-time trip" Kingdom of ryukyu castle town. Red-roofed old folk house lined the eaves, as if they had slipped back in time in the Kingdom of ryukyu era Chimdondon! "Super Eisa folk dance Show." The performance of a bold arrangement of Okinawan traditional performing art Eisa folk dance is impressive! Poisonous snakes and poisonous tongue! ? "Hub and Mangoose Show." Wow! But strange battles will surely be a habit. Hub Natural Park "Snake and Fun Friends" In addition to the hub, there are a big gathering of unique friends! Good luck white snake and take a commemorative photo. Speaking of Okinawa, this is "Okinawa soba" Extreme soup with plenty of bonito broth is exquisite!

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Store Details

Store nameGyokusen-dong, Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom
1336, Tamagusukumaekawa, Nanjo-shi


About 30 minutes by car from Naha city
About 10 minutes by car from Haebaru Minami Interchange
TEL 098-949-7421
Business hours9: 00-17: 30 (16: 00 reception closed)
Regular holidayClose
Parking lot Yes, 400 units are free.
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