The original forest where the guards of time live. An unexplored valley, where the sacred place of life lies.

The valley of gangara

The valley of gangara

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Nanjo City, Yaezaki Town, Haebaru Town, Yonabaru Town

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Store Details

Store nameThe valley of gangara
202, Maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjo-shi


About 30 minutes by car from Naha city
About 10 minutes by car from Haebaru Minami IC
Face the "Okinawa World" entrance
TEL 098-948-4192
Business hoursTelephone reception desk 9: 00-17: 30
Regular holidayClose ※Opening hours are changed during events
Parking lot Available for free
Payment method



Each tour fee includes drinks during the tour.

※You can't enter other than the reservation-based guided tour.

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Free for elementary school students and younger accompanied by parents

●Student fees


Present your student ID card

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