Sakiyama Sake Brewery, which has been in business for more than 100 years, can enjoy awamori Kurami and tasting for free!

Sakiyama Sake Brewery Arsenal

Sakiyama Sake Brewery Arsenal

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We sell awamori Kurami, various tastings and limited products! You can visit sake breweries at Sakiyama Sake Brewery (※ Groups, reservations are required for weekends and holidays!) You can sample and sample awamori, plum wine liqueur, moromi vinegar and medicinal miso.

Store Details

Store nameSakiyama Sake Brewery Arsenal
751, Igei, Kin-cho


About 60 minutes by car (general road) from Naha Airport
About 60 minutes by car (high-speed + general road) from Churaumi Aquarium
About 10 minutes from Okinawa Expressway Kintake IC
TEL 098-968-2417
Business hours9:00〜17:00
12/30-1/3, Old Bon
Parking lot Yes, 10 units are free.
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