Let's swim with bear fleas! Moving Dave in the beautiful sea of Kouri Island!

Toshima, Furuu Marine Club Zammarine


Toshima, Furuu Marine Club Zammarine


Motobu-cho, Imagijin-mura

1.FUN Diving (diving for C card holders) Kotori Island has a colony of Midoriishi coral and Ryukyu Kikka corals and soft corals off the north side, and there are many interesting points on the west side, such as crepas, petit caves and cliffs on the west side! Zammarine Original Point. 2. You can participate in the experience diving by boat from 12 years old. Even if you can't swim or want to diving but don't have a C card, the instructor will kind and politely guide you. You can see all kinds of bear fleas in Japan. Depending on the weather, it may be changed to the beach. 3. Snorkel tour boat swimming with tropical fish to the point of snorkel! You can fully enjoy the sea area around Kouuri Island. This course is recommended for children who are still early in diving, or those who are absolutely reluctant to dive. An instructor is attached, so you can participate with confidence. 4. Clear kayaks are also provided so that even those who are new to clear kayak can ride with confidence, so you can slowly observe the sea. Please enjoy the beautiful sea of Kotori Island. Snorkel that even small children can enjoy it easily! All my friends diving! Kouuri Island has more than 50 points. There are plenty of variations, such as coral crowds and interesting points on topography! Looking into the sea, a cute tropical fish is right in front of you!

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Store nameToshima, Furuu Marine Club Zammarine
30-1, Kouri, Nakijin-son


1km from Walmi Ohashi
300m from Kori Port
TEL 0980-56-5136
Business hours8:00〜21:00
Regular holidayClose
Parking lot Available for free

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