Enjoy an adventure experience while surrounded by the great nature of Okinawa!

Adventure Nature Experience One Ocean

Adoben chasing

Adventure Nature Experience One Ocean


Northern Area: Nago City, Yamahara

The most popular is the three generations of Tartaki Adventure, who can adventure a great adventure on unexplored areas. The secret that it is not so much influence by the weather Dad and two children who deepen the bond between parents and children, leave for man-only adventure! mangrove kayak together and experience mangrove kayak! It is often used by couples as well as family members. Walk exploration In the mangroves forest, you can observe various flora and fauna

Store Details

Store nameAdventure Nature Experience One Ocean
1199, Katsurenhenna, Uruma-shi


TEL 090-4471-7311


Business hours8:00〜22:00
Regular holidayIrregular holiday
Parking lot Yes, the meeting place differs depending on the course.

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