Encounter with Okinawan culture, beautiful seas and dolphins while being wrapped in the nature of Yanbaru

Motobu Genki Village


Motobu Genki Village

Cultural experience

Motobu-cho, Imagijin-mura

After learning about dolphin fan swim dolphins, let's go into the whole body water. You can catch up with the dolphin dorsal fin. You don't have to swim! Let's go to see the creatures living in the beautiful sea by the popular Coral view cruising high-speed semi-diversive ship Colored class-shaped eco bags are colored to create a dye of the Ryukyu culture "Red Type" You can take a walk on horseback riding horse or take a commemorative photo. At the restaurant in the adjacent hotel, local farmers who can enjoy delicious meals use ingredients grown with affection, and provide food that focuses on health. Let's maneuver a large glass boat and go out for a walk in the sea! Let's make dolphin's rice and eat it! Will you jump to thank you? Let's become "Uminchu" and do various jobs!

Store Details

Store nameMotobu Genki Village
410, Hamamoto, Motobu-cho


About 10 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
About 40 minutes by car from Kyoda IC
TEL 0980-51-7878
Business hours8:00〜18:00
Regular holidayNone
Parking lot Available for free, 30 units
Payment method

Cash and credit card

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