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Naha and Kokusai Dori

Our popular No1 series -Chura Sea ~ Summer Emerald With the sea of healing chura The sea-colored glass shines brilliantly, and when you look at it, you will be gently invited into the sea ... - pure gold wish star - Milky Way earrings & crescent pendant The romantic accessories with a sparkling pure gold crescent moon are gorgeous and cute accessories that are very popular among women. A cute adult pierced earrings with pure gold moon Allergy response: Hoshi sand glass pierced earrings titanium, resin, 18K, silver925 For more information, please contact the staff☆☆☆ Allergy response: Made of star sand glass earring nickel removed and plating coating, it is safe for allergic people.

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Store nameDEARRYUQ
Heading to Kaiho Bank along Kokusai Dori, 2-1-6 Matsuo, Naha City


A 7-minute walk from Kenchomae Station on Yui Rail.
A 7-minute walk from Miebashi Station on Yui Rail
Heading to Kaiho Bank along Kokusai Dori
TEL 098-867-8850
Business hours10:00~20:00
Regular holiday12/31-1/1, temporary closure
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