The ocean view is fully reserved! Couple is OK! With the power of thalasso, which has been around for more than 100 years, excretes the fatigue accumulated in the body, restores healthy beauty, and become a powerful person!

Beauty Sea Spa


Beauty Sea Spa

Beauty esthetic spa

Chubu area: West Coast Resort

Popular hand-foot mineral salt hot bath included in the thalasso course. It is safe for both a private salon couple or with children. Experience the thalasotherapy that lasts 100 years!  Abundant mineral replenishment and detox (cellite excreting effect) essential for human beings, healthy beauty Okinawa's Guinness NO1 Salt Nuchimasu and Okinawa aroma (moon peach, sea cucumber) Minerals Be sure to have the world's best powder salt and oil lymph that is a bit different with the scent of Okinawa! A deluxe course that is gaining popularity in our summer-only flower bus! Luxury course that combines all the courses into one Effective for mineral-rich thalasso mask (dullness, moisturizing, pore-clogging, rough skin) Effective for anti-aging gypsum pack (slip, wrinkles, stains, dullness, and tightening) Hidden popular cream bath! Feel a little different relaxation. Recommended for insomnia and stress

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Store Details

Store nameBeauty Sea Spa
Yomitan Village Nagahama 41-1 Seaside Nagahama 301


About 30 minutes by car from Ishikawa IC and about 15 minutes by car from Onnano Station
About 10 minutes by car from Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpa Misaki
About 10 minutes by car from Hotel Japan Airlines Alibira
TEL 080-1546-3227
Business hours10:00〜18:00
※Advance reservations are available for complete leases.
Regular holidayIrregular holiday
Parking lot Available for free
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