The view from Koijima is a superb view that is deprived!

Kouri Ocean Tower

Kouri Ocean Tower

Sweet snack: Theme park

Motobu-cho, Imagijin-mura

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The chalk observation tower, which is 82m above sea level, is a great location overlooking the Kouri-ohashi Bridge. "Love Heart Cart of Love Heart" with only one car. Lucky if you ride! Move to the observation tower with automatic cart while enjoying the scenery A superb view of 82 meters above sea level. I'm going to forget that time has passed. The Kouri-ohashi Bridge and the magnificent emerald green sea seen from the top of the tower. Why do not you ring the "bell of happiness" while feeling the wind? The Shell Museum, which displays more than 10,000 shellfish from all over the world, looks like a sea museum. A cute heart-shaped locust Ice candy with plenty of pulp and juice made from Okinawa Prefecture ingredients. We recommend a pumpkin ice candy that uses luxuriously pumpkins from Kourishima. Colorful tower drink of 45cm in height. The photo looks like Kori Blue Sea!

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Store Details

Store nameKouri Ocean Tower
538, Kouri, Nakijin-son


About 30 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
About 5 minutes by car from Kouri-ohashi Bridge
TEL 0980-56-1616
Business hours10:00〜18:00 ※Final reception: 17:30

Regular holidayOpen all year round ※There is a possibility that the park will be closed temporarily in bad weather. Please check the official website.
Parking lot Available for free 200 units
Payment method

Cash, credit card, Union Pay


Admission fee (cart ride, Shell Museum, observation tower)

・Adults (over 16 years old)


・Children (6 to 15 years old)


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