I buy one Okinawa brand beef Agu pork! ! If you want to eat meat, decide here!

Gyuton Battle Onna Goten

Gyuton Battle Onna Goten

Steak, grilled meat, shabu-shabu, BBQ

West Coast Resort

A palace to eat delicious meat appeared in Onna Village!  They buy Okinawan brand beef and Agu pork, and entertain them with various parts and cooking methods The meat purchased by one butcher shop next to the shop is handled at the meat shop and distributed to each part. This guy is getting sick when I eat!  Gyuton battle, a stuffed pot! The taste is condensed with a special soup that has been carefully cooked! Shabu-shabu, which is eaten with high quality meat, uses sirloin for exquisite beef. It's not only pigs, but also ag pork pork! Is it grilled meat?  It is no longer necessary to explain, but we have a lot of rare parts that can not be tasted elsewhere. There is a beautiful sea of Onna Village in front of the shop! The sunset is also beautiful~ You can enjoy sukiyaki too! Motsu hot pot ... It's delicious~ We have prepared fresh motsu!

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Store Details

Store nameGyuton Battle Onna Goten
583-1, Nakadomari, Onna-son


About 10 minutes by car from Ishikawa IC
TEL 098-989-4133
Business hours18:00 to 23:00 (Food L.O.22:00, Drink L.O.22:30)
Regular holidaySunday (closed the next day if Sunday is a national holiday)
Parking lot Available for free, 30 units
Payment method

Cash and credit card

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