Kabira Bay has won three stars at Michelin Green Guide Japon. Let's enjoy subtropical coral reef and tropical fish in a glass boat

Kawahira Marine Service

Kawahira Marine Service

Underwater sightseeing boats, aquariums, observation deck


Observe sea corals and tropical fish from the bottom of the glass, and look into the glass boat A total of 4 types of glass boats from 12 to 36 people. Holding six vessels Kabira Bay. There is a reception desk right in front of the parking lot Kabira Bay has been selected as one of Japan's 100 Best Views. I am impressed by the blue gradation of the sea There are lots of popular tropical fish such as bear fleas You can see such a large table coral even without diving There is also a crowd of corals around here. You can actually see the ecology of scallops, and as if you are coming to an aquarium

Store Details

Store nameKawahira Marine Service
911, Kabira, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa


About 30 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport
About 30 minutes by car from Ishigaki remote island terminal
TEL 0980-88-2335
Business hours9:00〜17:00
Departure every 15 minutes [embarkation time: about 30 minutes]
Regular holidayClose
※Operations may be suspended depending on bad weather such as typhoons and sea conditions.
Please contact us before coming.
Parking lot Yes, use of the parking lot at Kawahira Park
Payment method

Cash and credit card

Credit card, QR code payment and various electronic money

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