It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from March to April

It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from March to April
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It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from March to April

What kind of clothes should I prepare for a trip to Okinawa during spring vacation?

April is the season when the new semester starts. Before that, there is a spring break that the students have been waiting for. Are there many people planning to travel to Okinawa during the spring vacation?

Okinawa has a strong summer image, but there are many fun events in March and April, such as the Okinawa International Film Festival and the Ryukyu Sea Flame Festival. When you go on a trip to Okinawa at that time, you will have to worry about choosing clothes, "What should I wear?" Certainly, there are various opinions depending on the person, such as "It was not enough to have one short sleeves" and "It was hot with long sleeves."……。

There! For those who are worried about choosing clothes, we will introduce the perfect clothing when traveling to Okinawa in March and April.

If you hold this, you won't get lost when you choose your clothes!

The average spring temperature in Okinawa is high nationwide. It is about 19 degrees in March (about 9 degrees in Tokyo) and about 21 degrees in April (about 14 degrees in Tokyo), and the average temperature in Tokyo is just about the same as around May and June . In Tokyo around May and June, long-sleeved or short-sleeved + thin outer garment is enough, and some people spend one short-sleeved on hot days.

When traveling to Okinawa, we recommend a style of one long-sleeved or short-sleeved + haori in early March, and one long-sleeved or one short-sleeved in late, based on the average temperature in Tokyo at this time. However, in Okinawa, which is surrounded by the sea, the north wind from the sea can blow strongly, so those who are vulnerable to the cold may want to keep in mind that they can spend more comfortably + one colder (and wearing clothes, etc.).
However, you don't need any winter clothes such as sweaters or jackets. Also, since there is no need to wear over again, prepare by mistake and increase your luggage.……Don't be anything!

In April, the sunshine gradually getting stronger, and people walking with one short sleeves are often seen. In the case of Okinawa, April is said to be a comfortable climate even during the year, and basically one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved person is sufficient.

Some of them are planning to travel with children. Some people may be worried about choosing children's clothes, but basically there is no problem in the same style as adults.

If you go to the sea, don't forget to take measures against cold and sunburn!

Speaking of Okinawa, the sea is a standard spot that can't be removed! Okinawa Island has a beach where the sea opens around March early, so you can enjoy the sea a little earlier than the mainland. Bring a swimsuit to enjoy the sea of Okinawa. However, during this time, the water temperature is low, so if you want to enjoy swimming, you will aim for a hot day or a sunny day.
On cold or cloudy days, it may be better to take a walk on the sandy beach or just put on your feet.

The wind is strong in the coastal area, making it easy to feel cold. Therefore, if you go to the sea of Okinawa in March and April, don't forget to prepare a haori regardless of the weather! In April, it gets warmer and more people enjoy swimming, but when the wind blows into the cold body in the water, they may tremendously in the cold. Even if you're used to the cold, be sure to have one.

It can be used not only for cold but also for sunburn. Some people may wonder, "Measures against sunburn at this time?", But since Okinawa has a higher amount of UV rays than on the mainland, sunburn measures are indispensable even in cloudy skies! Learn from Uchinamchu and use a haori or sunscreen to take measures against sunburn. In addition, it is recommended to bring items such as hats and sunglasses as a countermeasure against sunburn on hair and face.

Let's enjoy Okinawa in March and April, which is easy to spend.

How was it? Compared to the mainland, Okinawa, where the temperature is high throughout the year, does not feel so cold even in March and April. However, as mentioned above, there is a slight difference in temperature between March and April, so it is recommended to choose clothes according to the specific travel date.
Okinawa in March and April is said to be a very comfortable time to spend, with no cold like winter and no heat like summer. Hold down the above points, choose the clothes that match this time, and enjoy the long-awaited Okinawa trip!

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