Townside hotel convenient for business and comfortable sightseeing. Free parking lot is provided. Wi-Fi All Wi-Fi is available

Miyako Dai-ichi Hotel

Miyako Dai-ichi Hotel

City Hotel

Miyako Island, Ikemajima, Kurimajima

In addition to a single room convenient for business use, there is a Japanese-style room in the twin room. A 15-minute drive from the airport and a 2-minute walk from Miyako City Hall, convenient location

Store Details

Store nameMiyako Dai-ichi Hotel
191, Hiraranishizato, Miyakojima-shi


Fifteen minutes drive from the airport
2 minutes walk from the city hall
TEL 0980-73-5522
Business hours24 hours
Parking lot Available for free, 30 units
Payment method

Credit card

UC, DC, UFJ, Saison

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