Completed Wi-Fi in the building! This hotel has a refrigerator and a washing machine that is convenient for both sightseeing and business.

Hotel Peace Island Miyakojima

Hoteruisu Alando and kojima

Hotel Peace Island Miyakojima

City Hotel

Miyako Island, Ikemajima, Kurimajima

In addition to the twin room twin room, you can choose from single, double room, Japanese and Western rooms, barrier-free, connection room, etc. according to your travel style. Located in the center of Miyakojima city, it is convenient for business sightseeing

Store Details

Store nameHotel Peace Island Miyakojima
310, Hiraranishizato, Miyakojima-shi


5 minutes walk from the city hall
TEL 0980-74-1717
Business hours24 hours
■Check-in / 14:00~
■Check-out/11: 00
Parking lot There is a charge, 500 yen per night (available until 11 am checkout)

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