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Okinawa Brown Sugar Co., Ltd.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Co., Ltd.

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Squeeze sugarcane! The harvested sugarcane squeezes into a double pressing machine. Cut it out! Brown sugar is carefully cut by hand. "Nabebuchi" with rich taste of brown sugar, various kinds of brown sugar beet: 360g brown sugar cut / powdered brown sugar: 360g、240g [Goat soup set meal] Goat meat is said to be vigorous. Have fun with mugwort! Eat at "Suppin-kan". Along National Route 58! Big cows and pigs are markings! Popular "Suppin Juice Set Meal" You can enjoy delicious soup with a soup without the smell of Suppin.

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Store Details

Store nameOkinawa Brown Sugar Co., Ltd.
2822-3, Zakimi, Yomitan-son


TEL 098-958-4005
Business hours8:30〜17:30
Regular holidayIrregular holiday ※Please check our website when you visit us.
Parking lot Available for free, 30 units

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