Traveling with Okinawa Children-Enjoy little kids! Mom is safe! [2 years old for infants]

Traveling with Okinawa Children-Enjoy little kids! Mom is safe! [2 years old for infants]
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"Okinawa" is a place where you can enjoy traveling with small children. You can arrive in two and a half hours by plane from Tokyo, and you can enjoy sightseeing and activities at your child's pace while traveling easily by rental car. Look into the beautiful sea or make something crazy. At that time, the children's eyes should be more glittering than usual. Mom and dad don't want to smile! Let's play a lot and make a lot of memories of family!

Traveling with Children

Summer resort Okinawa

The 2-year-old daughter is excited at the sea for the first time! Even if you are not good at putting your face on water, you can enjoy underwater observation with box glasses.

Sea play and snorkeling plan that can be used by children of 2 years old. Comes with rentals and box glasses exclusively for kids, so it is safe for small children. You can meet a lot of fish even in shallow waters, so even adults can enjoy it. It is also nice to be able to use facilities such as parking lots, shower rooms, toilets, dryers and other facilities.

Experience menu name: Participation is OK from 2 years old! Sea picnic & Snorkel!
Age: 2 to 75 years old
Time required: About 2 hours
Price: 4,800 yen per person

2679-1, Yamada, Onna-son, Okinawa

Recommended points

Since I entered from the shallow water where my feet arrived, the children of the sea debut enjoyed it without fear. Even if you can't face the water yet, you can meet cute fish with kids' special floating rings and box glasses!

Okinawan Nature Coordination Andago

A popular tour where you can experience both kayak and snorkeling, where you can take a leisurely walk in the sea. Participation is OK from 2 years old! Little kids can play with floating rings. This is a family charter tour according to the children's pace.

Experience menu name: Tropical fish snorkel on the white beach in the southern country
Age: 2 years old~
Time required: 3 hours
Price: 7000 yen

Kaiser Marine Club

The Kerama Islands are heading for a cruise ship. The sea, which boasts one of the world's most transparent, won't stop excited! A floating ring with a scope is also provided, so even small children can feel safe.

Experience menu name: Cruising + snorkeling + landing on uninhabited islands
Age: Snorkeling is 3 years old~
Time required: 7 to 8 hours
Price: 8000 yen (13 to 65 years old), 7000 yen (3-12 years old), 4000 yen boarding only ※1000 yen off from January to June and from October to November

Blue sky

Let's become a bird flying in the sky with a paragliding experience watching the sea of cobalt blue from 200m above sea. It's a two-seater pilot with a two-seater pilot and children can participate! If you fly two aircraft simultaneously, you can take pictures above the sky.

Experience menu name: Sightseeing flight
Age: 3 years old~
Time required: 15 minutes
Price: 3 to 6 years old 9000 yen, 7 years old to 11,000 yen

Busena Underwater Park

Let's go out for a walk in the sea! You can see a group of colorful fish swimming vigorously if you look into the sea from the boat covered with glass on the bottom. It feels like swimming in the sea without entering the sea.

Experience menu name: Glass boat
Age: No restrictions
Time required: 20 minutes (glass bottom boat only)
Price: Adults (high school students and above) 1560 yen, 4-year-old to junior high school students 780 yen, free for 4 years and under

Motobu Genki Village

Let's find beautiful coral reefs and creatures living in the sea on a high-speed semi-diving boat! Children are delighted with the boat with a whale motif. You can see the fish swimming at a distance that is likely to reach, except in the sea.

Experience menu name: Coral view cruising
Age: No restrictions
Time required: About 40 minutes
Price: Adults (12 years old or older) 1500 yen, children (6 years old or older) 800 yen

Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio

Let's make only one original glass in the world! Pooh! Children, moms, and dads are very impressed with the first experience of glass balls to expand when they breathe! With the support of craftsmen, even simple courses and small children can challenge.

Experience menu name: Blowed Glass Easy Course
Age: About 4 years old~
Time required: 10 minutes
Price: 2200 yen~

Vios hill

Let's take a cute goat walk and experience feeding at the vast subtropics Botanical Garden. If you are lucky, you may encounter mini pigs and free-range chickens! It is safe for families with babies because it can be turned around by stroller.

Experience menu name: Animal contact experience
Age: No restrictions
Time required: Freedom
Price: Free (admission fee is required)

OKINAWA Fruits Land

Let's play with energetic and unique birds! Popular parakeet are friendly and quiet, so even small children can feel safe. If you wait with your favorite syrup, you can get stuck on your shoulder or head. High with cute birds, cheese!

Experience menu name: Bird zone
Age: No restrictions
Time required: No restrictions
Price: Syrup fee 200 yen (additional admission fee required)

Lunch for Travel with Children

Kids in a small stomach will have a lunch light. Make a smile with mom's sorting menu and playful menu!

Taco Rice Café Kijimuna

The signboard menu is "Omtaco", which is made by adding fluffy eggs to Okinawa's soul food taco rice. Let's make your own octopus rice with a wide variety of toppings! The whole family is very satisfied with "Omtaco Kids" with less spiciness for small children♪

Equipment: Terrace seat, table seat, smoking cessation (only on terrace seats)

Burger Shop H&S Maeda Store

Original curry made with Agu soup stock has plenty of cheese, and egg toppings are also nice! Because it's hot, kids will have fun.

Equipment: Terrace seat, table seat, smoking cessation (Smoking space outside the store and outside the store

Hundred Years Old House Lord

The relaxed and relaxed atmosphere of old folk house and delicious Okinawa soba will heal the tiredness of traveling.

Equipment: There are room seats and private rooms, smoking cessation

Dinner travel with children

Kidss of age with many likes and dislikes. The izakaya, which can be used as a family restaurant, has plenty of menus! Let's choose a room where you can relax.

Paikaji Kokusai Dori Store

There is no doubt that even small children will naturally begin dancing in Okinawa folk song! There are non-smoking seats, so if you tell us a word at the time of booking, you can get a seat smoothly. If you eat a bitter gourd usually a little bitter gourd in Okinawa, you should be able to eat! ?

Equipment: Table seats, parlors, dugs, and private rooms are available.

Matayoshi orchard park (Restaurant)

Agu hamburger made from Agu pork raised at the company's farm, is very satisfied with the plump and juicy baked! There are private rooms and baby seats for changing diapers in the store, so children can enjoy it with confidence.

Equipment: There are table seats, room seats, non-smoking and smoking spaces.

Okinawan cuisine and Suba Island Time

There are more than 70 types of Okinawa home cooking using carefully selected local ingredients. Dad enjoys awamori!

Equipment: Zashiki, digging and table seats

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