Agu, Japanese black beef, goat, vegetables, fruits are directly produced from our own farm! Taste that can only be eaten here!

Matayoshi orchard park Restaurant

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Matayoshi orchard park Restaurant

Steak, grilled meat, shabu-shabu, BBQ

Nago City, Yamahara

Ag shabu-shabu 2900 yen (for one person) ※We'd like to order for 2 people. You can get "Awadake Agu pork" grown at your own farm with shabu. There are sesame sauce and ponzu sauce, enhancing the taste of meat. The name "Magi" in the name "Magi-" 980 yen menu means "large" in Okinawa dialect. As the name implies, the big cutlet of Agusa Okinawa Cuisine Gozen Ume 1,500 yen You can enjoy Okinawa's representative dishes such as tofu seasonings, kubuilchi (fried kelp), seasonal sashimi, etc. You can enjoy Okinawa's representative dishes.

Store Details

Store nameMatayoshi orchard park Restaurant
1-23-1, Okita, Nago-shi


About 18 minutes by car from Kyoda IC
3 minutes by car from Nago Crossroads
44 minutes by car from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
TEL 0980-53-1929
Business hoursLunch from 11:00 to 14:30, dinner 17:00 to 21:30
Regular holidayTuesday
Parking lot Available for free, 33 units
Payment method

Credit card

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