About 1-2 minutes walk from hotel (Lisan)! There is no free pick-up in Onna Village




Izakaya bar

West Coast Resort

Fresh seafood can be cooked according to your budget and request. Enjoy it with local beer and awamori! ※The content of fresh fish fluctuates due to purchase Families and elderly people are also equipped with safe parlor seats and digging tamatsu. The inside of the restaurant where Okinawan folk songs are flowing, is full of mood! You can enjoy Okinawan cuisine such as Ryukyu-tei Gozen Champloo and Soki Juice at once Free pick-up service In Onna Village area, there is also a nice "free pick-up" service.

Store Details

Store nameRyukyu-tei
1593-8, Tancha, Onna-son


About 1 minute walk from Lizanshi Park Hotel Tancha Bay
TEL 098-989-4991
Business hours17:00~23:00
Regular holidayClose
Parking lot Available for free, 30 units ※There is a free pick-up in Onna Village.

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