Enjoy the zip line at the new classic Okinawan activity "Yanbaru Adventure Field"!

Enjoy the zip line at the new classic Okinawan activity "Yanbaru Adventure Field"!
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Speaking of Okinawa, the sea! I think the image is strong, but there are not only marine activities but also activities where you can experience the great nature of Yanbaru, which is attracting attention by the world.
Northern Okinawa Island has a subtropical forest. OkinawaTraveler Editor's Editorial Department, Tomoton, has experienced the forest activity "Zip Line" in the nature zone "Yanbaru"! I will introduce you to your body report!

What's Yanbaru?

An area called Yanbaru (Yamahara) in the northern part of Motojima. As the name implies, there are many untouched nature, such as mountains and forests, and fosters the unique ecosystem of Okinawa rail and other endemic species. In 2021, it was also registered in World Heritage as "Amami Oshima Island, Tokunoshima Island, Northern Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island". 

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport, "Yanbaru Adventure Field" located in Higashimura in the Yanbaru area. 

About belongings and clothes

Depending on the weather, it is basically recommended to participate in clothes that can be dirty. Wear clothes and athletic shoes that are easy to move and can be dirty! Clothes can be rented. You can rent clothes and shoes. 

For safety, the landing point of the zip line is covered with wood chips, and it may enter inside the shoes, so it is recommended to rent shoes even if it is sunny. 

Rental shoes
Rental shoes

What's the content of the course?

There are 5 zip lines with different lengths and height differences of 80m to 140m5 with all tour guides. 

You can enjoy the subtropical "Yanbaru" forest while taking a walk along the 5 courses in the air. The tour will be held three times a day at 10:13:15. ※Set of [30 minutes before each start time]
※It's about 2 hours from the meeting to dissolution. 

I'm ready! The tour starts!

This time, the guide was "Wattchi" very energetic staff from Okinawa!

A group of less than 10 people will have a guide.

While listening to the guide's careful explanation, attach the harness firmly so that it is not loose. At the end, check each other's safety and prepare for it! 

As a model, Wachi-san will carefully explain how to install safety equipment, precautions while driving, and how to land goals.  

Preparation is OK if you listen to the explanation while imagining the place where you fly!

Travel on foot to the starting platform and wait for your turn. 

The road to the start platform is just a jungle! You will feel the nature of Yanbaru.  The starting point is named Yanbaru tree, and there are five in total. 

Before the start, decide the leader and deputy leader.

The first flying leader and the second deputy leader have important tasks, such as giving a signal to start the third and subsequent members and assisting the landing.  

I am! If you want to do so, please try to run.  


And then start! 

Guide, members of the group who participated together, "GO! GO! Yanbaru~~~~~! !"With a cheerful shout, run through the forest of Yanbaru! 

Let's run through the Yanbaru Forest on the Zip Line
Let's run through the Yanbaru Forest on the Zip Line

"Matayoshi Café" adjacent to you can relax.

If it is difficult for small children to participate together, you can take a break at the adjacent "Matayoshi Cafe" and wait for a family member and accompanying people who are participating in the experience. Souvenirs such as coffee beans are also sold, so you can have a good time while waiting!  

Store Information

Address: 〒905-1205 718-28, Keiji Higashimura, Imakijin-gun, Okinawa, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Matayoshi Kohi-en 

Access: About 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport and about 40 minutes from Nago city 

Price: [Adult (16 years and older)] 5,500 yen (tax included per person)
   [Children (under 15 years old)] 4,500 yen (tax included per person) 

Conditions: There is no age limit, but the following must be cleared
     A height of 120cm or more/height 25-100kg ※If it is less than or equal, you will not be able to participate. 
★[Children] It's not possible to participate.
★Up to 2 children per adult can be used.
★Those who are drunk, take drugs, or pregnant on the day of participation cannot participate.
★The cancellation fee is 100% on the day and 50% the day before

Staff available language: Japanese and English 


Click here to make a reservation.

Impressions after the experience

When I first stood at the tip of the start platform, "I'm afraid! I can't do it!" I thought, but the exhilaration of sprinting in the forest is a feeling of getting sick. 「GO! GO! Yanbaru~~~~~! !"And a sense of unity among the participants, and I was able to have a very good time. Please try it out! !  


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