Okinawa soba, homemade raw noodles with stiffness, becomes a habit.

Noodle shop tah

It's all the way.

Noodle shop tah

Okinawa soba

New city center, Omoromachi

Excellent Tebichi made by boiling Tebichi Soba pork legs for a long time. Footber Soba Okinawa soba kneaded into noodles made by kneading mugwort. A lot of attention, Hirata shopkeeper. The soup that is particular about water is light, but it is rich, and the noodles are smooth and firm. The container is also custom-made from Yomitan potters. A café style full of glass A woman can easily enter. The old stepping sewing machine on the table

Store Details

Store nameNoodle shop tah
1-6-10, Ameku, Naha-shi


About 15 minutes walk from Yui Rail Omoromachi Station
Behind "Ribo Rakuichi"
TEL 098-861-1152
Business hours11:00〜0:00
Finished as soon as it is sold out (around 14:00)
Regular holidayMonday and Tuesday
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