I would definitely like to drop in when I visit southern Okinawa! Why is roadside rest area Itoman popular?

I would definitely like to drop in when I visit southern Okinawa! Why is roadside rest area Itoman popular?
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"roadside rest area Itoman" in southern Okinawa is the southernmostroadside rest area in Japan. There are one of the prefecture's largest agricultural product sales offices and fishery cooperatives, and fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood can be purchased at reasonable prices, so it is full of locals and many tourists every day. It has good access from Naha Airport and has souvenirs from Okinawa, so it is perfect for a resting spot on the way of driving. In addition, you can enjoy Okinawa gourmet food at the food court and take out. roadside rest area Itoman is full of charm that makes you want to eat.

I recommend the morning one! Umanchu Market, which contains abundant fresh vegetables and fruits

"Umanchu Market" is one of the largest agricultural product sales office in the prefecture, where vegetables and fruits are lined up. Morningichi offers fresh things and there are plenty of types, so many locals are lining up before opening every morning. The number of individual farmers is more than 1,000, and it is also attractive to be able to purchase surprisingly cheaply because it is directly sent from the production area.

There are more than 100 kinds of vegetables and more than 30 kinds of fruits in the store (the number varies depending on the season). Among them, vegetables with unusual names unique to Okinawa, such as huchiba and naveller (hechima). There are many new discoveries just by going around the store, and it's fun just by watching it. In the center, there was a special sale corner that sells scratches at a low price, and there were crowds.

Shipments will be reduced from January to February, but island bananas are popular throughout the year. It is slightly smaller than a general banana, thin skin, sweet and fragrant. In Okinawa, it is often found in gardens and fields of private houses, and is used for offering in trays.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, you need to check processed products handmade by the JA Okinawa Waitoman Branch Women's Department. Mentsuyu and miso, which can be used in various dishes as seasonings, are popular throughout the year. Except for foods that are not allowed to be taken out of the prefecture (such as red potatoes and sweet potatoes) can be mailed on the spot, so even those who have just bought too much are safe.

Okinawa gourmet and Okinawa souvenirs are here! "Itoman City Bussan Center Plays Come"

"Itoman City Product Center Yukura" sells more than 2,000 souvenirs, including local Itoman specialty products, classic sweets and crafts throughout Okinawa Prefecture (including remote islands), and awamori. You. There is also a food court, so it is perfect for a spot where you can drop in after taking a break. It is said that the origin of the name of the food coming is to play, eat, and come.

I found a local product corner in Itoman City in a corner of the facility. There are more than 50 specialty products that can only be obtained here, such as the non-fried rice cracker "Kamapota" using kamaboko surimi and "Carrot Piri", a spicy seasoning using a beautiful carrot from Itoman. You. It's just a rare thing, so I'm going to buy a lot of things. There is also a home delivery counter here, so you can enjoy sightseeing by hand even if you buy them all at once.

Among the many souvenirs, we recommend “All-purpose with Churaumi Carrot” that uses plenty of carrots from Itoman. It has sweet and dryness, and can be used for various dishes such as stir-fry and salad dressing. It has been recommended as an excellent local product in Okinawa Prefecture, and there are many repeaters and it is a popular product.

You can eat fresh seafood on the spot! "Itoman Fishery Cooperative Fish Center"

Speaking of fishermen's town, Itoman city! Itoman City is one of Okinawa's leading fishing port towns in Okinawa. At the Itoman Fishery Association Fish Center, you can purchase seafood from all over the prefecture, as well as fish from Itoman Fishing every morning at Itoman Fishing Port. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are many tourists, and more than 4,000 people come.

When you enter, colorful fish, such as Gurukun (Takasago), Akamachi (Hama Dai), and Irabu Char (Aobudai). It looks unique, but the name is just Okinawan, and I want to capture it involuntarily.

One of the reasons why the fish center is popular is that you can eat the seafood you buy immediately. It is OK to use the eat-in corner, but there are many things that can be easily eaten, so even if you eat and walk around. It is recommended that you take out on a sunny day and eat it at the nearby beach.

In addition to a wide variety of seafood bowls, nigiri sushi, fish juice, kamaboko, freshly baked scallop sea urchin sauce, etc. were full of delicious seafood that would just overeat.

How was it? "roadside rest area Itoman" still has a lot of exquisite gourmet dishes that could not be introduced this time. When you visit southern Okinawa, be sure to stop by and enjoy plenty of Okinawa's gourmet that you can only taste here.

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