The only beef cutlet of Ishigaki beef is our shop! Luxurious dish that makes you want to eat many times

Genuine stone cutlet

Genuine stone cutlet

Gourmet: Izakaya bar

Yaeyama area: Ishigaki-shi

Recommended "Ishigaki beef cutlet" is exquisite with sweet fat and crispy clothing. Ishigaki beef cutlet is served at Gozen. Uses "Uchimomo", which does not get tired and has a good taste. In addition to beef cutlet, there are small bowls that give you a feeling of Ishigaki-jima Island, such as bitter gourd, mozuku and soba. Taste with your favorite seasonings such as Seakwasa ponzu, Arthur salt, dashi soy sauce, etc. Popular with children and women, has a new texture becomes a habit. Cute cutlets are very delicious! "Ishigaki Beef's Menchikatsu Gozen" "Ishigaki beef curry" where you can feel the sweetness of soft stone simmered in a koto. "Ishigaki beef soba" where you can taste plenty of beef

Store Details

Store nameGenuine stone cutlet
279-1, Okawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa


5 minutes walk from the remote island terminal
TEL 0980-87-6105
Business hours11:30~15:00(LO14:30)
※Business hours are subject to change.
Regular holidayWednesday
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