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Okinawa's taste Ishimine Shokudo

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Okinawa's taste Ishimine Shokudo

Izakaya bar


This is the specialty "Yakitebichi" Ishimine cafeteria! ! Boil it until it becomes a torotororo, then bake it with special sauce.  One of the most popular menu "Nonkotsu Sokiyaki"! You can eat up to the seam MIX Tempura's MIX Tempura is just golden combination! It's the best to drink alcohol Island tofu and green onion oil Okinawan tofu are all-purpose players! I can live! Champloo! Please enjoy a lot of green onions and a special la-oil oil. Island tofu and pork shabu-shabu salad with island tofu and pork Renovation of Tsuboya-yaki workshop. The quaint atmosphere gives you a taste A space where you can relax with a couple, family, or group. It's as if I came to my relatives' house Awamori from 46 breweries are available. Relaxing counter seats are also popular.

Store Details

Store nameOkinawa's taste Ishimine Shokudo
4-346-1, Shuriishiminecho, Naha-shi


About 10 minutes by car from Shurijo Castle Park
About 5 minutes drive from Yui Rail Shuri Station
A 5-minute walk from the Ishimine Sales Office bus stop
TEL 098-884-9977
Business hours11:00〜23:00
CLOSE 24:00 on Friday and Saturday
[Lunch] 11: 00-14: 30
Dinner] 18: 00-23: 00 (Sun to Thursday), 18: 24:00 (Fri, Saturday)
Regular holidayIrregular holiday
Parking lot Available for free

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