Enjoy your heart in a fun space where you can get drunk with Shima-uta and Awamori!

Okinawa's Kitchen Paikaji Head Office

Okinawa's daisies.

Okinawa's Kitchen Paikaji Head Office

Izakaya bar

New city center, Omoromachi

Enriched course dishes Open in stores The interior is full of warmth of wood Jemmy tofu Okinawan sea berth Bitter gourd champul

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Store Details

Store nameOkinawa's Kitchen Paikaji Head Office
4-8-26, Omoromachi, Naha-shi


A 5-minute walk from Omoromachi Station
TEL 098-862-2397
Business hours17:00〜24:00
LO: Food 23:00, drink 23:30
Regular holidayOpen all year round
Parking lot Yes, 10 units are free.
Payment method

Cash and credit card

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