Four selections of specialty steak shops in Naha~ from long-established stores to new face~

Four selections of specialty steak shops in Naha~ from long-established stores to new face~
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"Steak" representing Okinawa's gourmet. In various media, Okinawa's unique culture of "steaking for drinking" has been featured and has become a hot topic. The beginning of the steak culture began to spread throughout the prefecture, attracting a reputation for being "cheap and delicious" because it was able to provide imported beef cheaply, and spread throughout the prefecture. Especially in Naha City, there are many stores with outstanding cost performance, including long-established stores. This time, we will introduce four recommended steak shops in Naha city for those who do not know which store to go to.

More than 20 kinds of steaks! Steak House 88, a long-established steak group

Speaking of steak houses in Okinawa Prefecture, many people think of 88 groups. "Steak House 88", which has shops throughout the prefecture, near Kokusai Dori, Naha City, and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is a long-established steak house. It is crowded with locals and tourists every day, as they can eat authentic American-style steak at a low price.

While authentic American steaks such as Tenderloin, T-bone and loin steak are lined up, "red meat steak" has become popular among young women recently. Healthy meat without fat and odorless. It's soft but firm taste makes it perfect for "tight steak". The recommended way of eating is the same first, and then with the "A1 sauce", which is sliced on an iron plate and skips acidity. When eaten with soy sauce, it is available to taste refreshingly like a beef baking. In addition, if you combine luxurious steaks of prefecture-grown Wagyu beef, there are more than 20 types of steaks alone, so you can try various parts in groups.


Jackie Steak House, a steak shop that continues to be loved by Uchinanchu

The place where local steak fans gather is the "Jackie Steak House" located about a 7-minute walk from the monorail Asahibashi Station. It is a long-established store founded in 1953. You can get a glimpse of history when you look around the store. In the U.S. rule, a certificate called "A sign", which was given only to stores that meet U.S. restaurant standards, is still displayed inside the store. The letters "MISO SIRU Missocil" and faded photos in the menu table on the wall remind you of those days.

There's something unusual at the entrance of the jockey steak house, which is full whenever you go! I found a traffic light under the outside sign. The traffic signal "There are vacant seats, eventually vacant seats, full now" changes in the order of blue, yellow, and red.

Here's my long-awaited steak. The specialty of the restaurant's specialty is low in fat and is popular among women. The size can be selected from S (150g) and M (200g) L (250g), and many women ask L size for L size. We recommend "No.1 Sauce" for sauce. It is the "No. 1 sauce" that is commonly distributed, but originally a sauce made to match the meat of the Jackie steak house. Sweetness of fruit and spices make the meat taste.
The jackie steak house where you can enjoy a long-established atmosphere and traditional American steak.

It's popular with amazing cospa! "After all, steak,"

Over the past few years, "Steak" has opened stores one after another, mainly on Kokusai Dori and Matsuyama, a downtown area of Naha. This time, I went to Kokusai Dori's "Stick 4th" on Kokusai Street to explore why repeaters are constantly popular at surprising prices.
"After all Steak 4th" opened in November 2016 a 3-minute walk from monorail Makishi Station. Since it is open until 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, there are many people who use it for "tight steak" and it's crowded at night.

※Short-term business as of June 2023 (11: 00-21: 00 L.O.20:30)

※The menu price has been greatly increased

Order "After all, Steak 200g" on the signboard menu at the entrance. Salads, soups and rice are free, and the price is 1780 yen including tax! Surprisingly, it is still fast. When you sit down, you will be surprised at the large amount of sauce and seasonings. In addition to A1 sauce, shekwasa ponzu, garlic soy sauce, coarse chopped garlic, chopped wasabi. He wants you to enjoy a variety of combinations, and a sauce plate is rare at a steak shop.
※The photos are as of January 2017.

First of all, a steak on a rock board with a jujujujuju with Italian salt and pepper recommended by the store. The beef used is the red meat of U.S.-grown Misji. It is soft and juicy because it is baked with far-infrared lava stone. The second mouth was refreshing with chopped wasabi and soy sauce full of flavor, and the third mouth was full of coarsely chopped garlic.
It's open until 3 p.m. so why don't you try the "cloaked steak"?

Extremely thick harami steak! "Steak Matsuya,"

When you enter the shop, you will find table seats colored in vermilion, and the interval between seats is wide. Not only couples, but also groups of 3 to 4 people and families with children can relax without worrying about their neighbors.

The popular menu for men and women is "Kamiharami Steak" Uses US beef that has soft meat quality and has a good taste of meat. They are transported to the table in a rare state and adjust to your favorite grilling with yakinishi. You can also enjoy changing the taste of meat with three types (Western style, Japanese style, Salsa) original sauce. In addition, "Ag pork" steak, which is hard to taste in other shops, is set with Harami steak. Special dish which you can enjoy sweet fat which is unique to Ag pork. All-you-can-eat steaks, famous beef streak soup, rice, salad, and drinks are all-you-can-eat! It's kind to your wallet.

In addition to beef steak, there are also agg steak, lobster, and Ishigaki beef steak. There are Okinawan dishes such as raft (pork boiled), tebichi (pork foot), and island raccoon, so it is a shop that can satisfy those who want to eat Okinawan cuisine. It is located almost in the center of Kokusai Dori, so you can easily drop in during a walk.

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