Okinawa trip 2 nights and 3 days Golden Plan [3rd day]

Okinawa trip 2 nights and 3 days Golden Plan [3rd day]
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If you go to Okinawa, I would like to enjoy this! We will introduce such a trip plan that is satisfactory. At the Churaumi Aquarium, cultural experience, rice while watching the sea, etc. ... Departure for a good Tokodori trip ~!

●Day 3 ●Sightseeing in the southern part you can enjoy in half a day

Depending on the flight time, we recommend sightseeing in the southern part of the day. There are various ways to play, such as learning the history of Okinawa and trying to experience Ryukyu glass. Why don't you relax at the sea cafe until time comes? ! Please return the rental car at least 90 minutes before the return flight time.

Get a famous brand! "Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa"

Okinawa outlet mall Ashibinaa

Okinawa's first outlet mall where high-end brands can be purchased at a reasonable price. There are also brands that landed for the first time in Japan and shops unique to Okinawa, as well as products that are 30% to 80% off the regular domestic price.

[Access] About 15 minutes by car from Kokusai Dori
[Normal holiday] Close
[Parking lot] Free / 1000 units

Free sake brewing tour! The brewery "Masahiro awamori Gallery"

awamori Masahiro Gallery (Higa Shuzo)

Operated by a long-established brewery, founded in 1883, is a gallery where visitors can see manufacturing lines through glass and learn about the history and manufacturing process of awamori.

[Access] About 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport
【MENU】 3 years old sake Shurijo Castle Main Hall (red) 1,650 yen
[Normal holiday] New Year holidays 12/30-1/3 (Factory closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
[Parking lot] 5 units

"Ryukyu Glass Village" is a glass theme park where you can enjoy even rainy days

Ryukyu Glass Village

Creating only one memory in the world. One of the largest Ryukyu glass workshop in the prefecture where you can enjoy shopping and food.

[Access] About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport
【MENU】 Original glass experience (reservation required / shipping fee) 2,970 yen ~, accessory experience 2,750 yen ~
[Normal holiday] Close
[Parking lot] 100 units

Resort Cafe KAI, where you can enjoy a sea cafe near Naha Airport

Resort Cafe KAI

Azure sky and sea spread out openly on a sandy beach with a total length of 700m. It's as if you came to a foreign resort.


[Access] About 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport
【MENU】 Taco Rice and Avogado dip, Kaitacos, etc.
[Normal holiday] Wednesday
[Parking lot] Available for 2 hours free only when using the parking lot at Chura SUN Beach

You need to pay attention to traffic jams during commuting, returning home, or during traditional event such as the Old Bon Festival. On the last day of your trip, plan and move with plenty of time so that you do not miss the airplane.

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