Even if I spend a day is not enough! Women's Travel Drive full of highlights-Northern Motojima~

Even if I spend a day is not enough! Women's Travel Drive full of highlights-Northern Motojima~
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There are many tourist spots in northern Okinawa Prefecture. The most popular spots, World Heritage with its magnificent history, sightseeing spots and theme parks where you can enjoy, and gourmets essential for girls' trips. Even if I spend a day is not enough! I will introduce the definitive version of the model course of the northern drive. Let's get up early in Okinawa and go out!

【START! AM 8:30] Departure from West Coast Resort Hotel!

【AM 9:30】 A superb view to the remote island where you can drive by car Furuuri Island

Kouri Island is a classic spot of scenic spots that you can't get along on your drive. When you cross the 1960m Kouri-ohashi Bridge, which connects the island and Motojima, you can feel the exhilarating feeling as if you are driving on the emerald green sea. Small islands such as the "Kouri Ocean Tower" overlooking Kouri-ohashi Bridge, untouched beaches and cafes are also packed with highlights.

Recommended points

The so-called "Heart Rock", which looks like a large Futatsuiwa overlaps and looks like a heart shape, has been a hot topic spot where visitors have been constant since it was used in TV commercials. With the legend of the Okinawan version of Adam and Eve transmitted to Kotori Island, many couples have recently visited as a power spot for love.

【AM 11:00】 World Heritage Imaginjin Castle, a famous spot for the cold scarlet cherry blossoms

It is one of the nine World Heritage in the prefecture, and is said to be the oldest castle with a wall. Because it is on a hill, there is a superb view of the deep blue sea on the other side of the castle wall, and on a sunny day you can see Iheya-jima Island and Izena-jima Island. Why don't you take a walk around the site, thinking of Kitayama King?

Recommended points

The Nakijin Okinawan Castle Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from January to February. In the daytime, a dark pink flower shining in the blue sky, and at night you have a fantastic figure lit up at night. You can enjoy different faces between day and night.

【PM 0:00】 One cup of your favorites at "Honbu Soba Highway"

On the prefectural road No. 84 in Motobucho, there is an area called "Honbu Soba Highway" with famous Okinawa soba shops. Okinawa soba in Motobu-cho, which is famous for skipjack fishing, is characterized by rich bonito soup and flat noodles. Enjoy the difference in the taste of ingredients and soups depending on the store, and find your favorite cup.

Recommended points

Kishimoto Shokudo, located near Toguchi Port in Motobu-cho, is a long-established store that has maintained the same taste since its inception in 1905. Handmade noodles using charcoal supernatants made by the manufacturing method at that time and soup using plenty of bonito are excellent compatibility.

【PM 1:30】 It's the standard for sightseeing in Okinawa, so don't let it go! Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Photos provided: Okinawa Memorial Park (Ocean Expo Park): Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Aquarium under the theme of "Encounter with the Sea of Okinawa." Being overwhelmed by the power of whale sharks, manta and migratory fish swimming slowly, you can enjoy the feeling of lurking into the sea world while watching. You must see the free dolphin show off outside the museum.

Recommended points

Take a break at the cafe "Ocean Blue" located on the side of the area where whale shark swims. If you enjoy light meals and drinks while watching the fish swimming freely in front of you, you can spend a special time as if you were in a special seat in the sea.

【PM 3:00】 A healing spot where the sun shines through the sunbeam

Bise's Fukugi Namiki, located a 3-minute drive from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is a popular healing spot. Approximately 20,000 Fukugi are lined up, and gentle sunlight shines through between the trees. There is a lot of old folk house beside the white sand path, and you can enjoy the original scenery of Okinawa.

Recommended points

Let's run through the trees of Fukugi trees in a rental cycle! You can take a leisurely stroll, but if you go around by bicycle while receiving a refreshing breeze, your daily fatigue and stress will blow away at once. From the Bi Sezaki coast, which spreads out beyond the row of trees, you can also see I Eshima in the distance.

【PM 4:30】 Adventures and sweets are full of tropical fruits OKINAWA Fruitland

Snack time at the theme park "OKINAWA Fruit Land" of tropical fruit. There are plenty of sweets menus that use plenty of tropical fruits such as mango and dragonflies, and you will be wondering which one to choose. Let's heal your tiredness for half a day with colorful parfait and shaved ice.

Recommended points

The Tropical Kingdom Story, which was born during the renewal in 2013, is a facility-experienced picture book that allows you to take a walk around the park where tropical fruits grow. There is no doubt that children and adults will be obsessed with the mechanism of aiming for goals while solving the mystery of the story.

【PM 6:00】 Cute natural miscellaneous goods! Nago Grocery Store, a specialty product of Nago City

Mainly items from Yanbaru, such as food, sundries, and accessories, organic and environmentally friendly products that are hard to obtain in northern Okinawa Island. Would you like to find a new charm of Nago?

Recommended points

Take a break in the cafe space while watching the sundries. Organic coffee and gluten-free sweets are also available.

【PM7:00】 Ryukyu yakiniku NAKAMAR yakiniku NAKAMA

Ryukyu Yakiniku NAKAMA is a building with cute illustrations of cows and pigs that can be seen when driving about 7 minutes south by car from Kyoda IC. The most popular is "Prefectural Wagyu & Gold Agu Pork Ryukyu Tabezukushi Course". Wagyu beef produced in the prefecture is karubi, upper calf, loin and upper loin. Gold Agu pork can fully enjoy the four kinds of roses, shoulder loin, hoho, and tontoro, and grilled meat.

Recommended points

It is also important to seasonings that use plenty of ingredients from the prefecture, such as "Goya and blue papaya salted sauce", "Squacwassapon vinegar", and "Squacwars pepper".

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