If you go around Okinawa, you can stay in Naha! 8 recommended Naha Hotels

If you go around Okinawa, you can stay in Naha! 8 recommended Naha Hotels
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For those who want to play all over Okinawa Island, it is recommended that hotels in Naha City, which is close to the airport and highways, is convenient for access. It is also attractive that there are many hotels that can stay relatively cheaply than the West Coast Resort Hotel! Therefore, this time, I will introduce the hotels recommended by the editorial department from among the many. We chose a photogenic hotel for girls' trips and hotels where you can spend your time on family trips. Every hotel makes you want to repeat the comfort! Please refer to it when choosing a hotel.

[For girls] "Hotel Akuatanaha by WBF" women's party to enjoy in a photogenic pool

"Hotel Akuattanaha by WBF" is not only convenient to access Kokusai Dori, but also arrives at Tomari Port where ships to the Kerama Islands arrive and depart in 30 seconds, so it is recommended for those who go to the surrounding remote islands. The breakfast buffet at "BRIO MATTINA" has plenty of more than 50 kinds of desserts in addition to pasta and pannii. You can spend a little rich time before going out. Also, the amenity made by POLA, which is popular among women, is a great item.

Recommended points

If you swim in the prefecture's first see-through pool on the top floor makes you feel as if you are swimming in the air. At the bar attached to the pool, you can enjoy the night view of Naha while drinking alcohol.

[For girls] Check in at the top floor lobby where the superb view is spreading! "Liga Royal Gralan Okinawa"

"Liga Royal Gran Okinawa" is directly connected to Yui Rail and Asahibashi Station. The hospitality in the lobby on the top floor where you can overlook the East China Sea and the streets of Naha, the tension will be improved from the moment you arrive! The guest room elevator cannot move without a card key, so it is safe to stay between women. In addition, there is a spacious bath room with a washing area, so you can spend a relaxing bath time.

Recommended points

You can choose your guest rooms from a standard floor where you can stay at a reasonable price and a premier floor where you can enjoy a higher space. Premier floor has a limited service, so it's perfect for those who want to have a luxurious hotel stay.

[For girls] Hyatt Regenci Naha Okinawa, a rich resort space to enjoy in urban areas

A 3 minute walk from Kokusai Dori. At Hyatt Regency Naha Okinawa, located in the Sakurazaka area, you can spend time like a resort even though it is a city. The space woven by luxurious structures and more than 300 Ryukyu glass works is so much that you forget your everyday life. The hall is fully equipped with an outdoor pool and fitness center, and swimwear, floats, running wear, etc. free of charge, so it's nice to have less luggage on your trip.

Recommended points

"The lounge" where you can taste seasonal sweets, is also recommended for women's associations. If you toast with a sommelier select wine at a wine bar that opens every day at 18:00, you will surely have flowers in the girls talk.

[For girls] Don't eat! "Hotel Locoanaha", a breakfast buffet that will never get tired of staying overnight.

"Hotel Locoanaha" is located at the entrance of Kokusai Dori, a 2-minute walk from Yui Rail Kenchomae Station. The lobby of the atrium, which is stylish with wood-based interiors and colorful glass. There are a wide variety of room types, so you can choose it according to the usage scene. In addition, there are free Wi-Fi, free rental smartphones and handy, humidifier air purifiers in all rooms, and there is a 24-hour convenience store in the building, so it is comfortable during your stay!

Recommended points

He has won the number one place in Okinawa Prefecture many times in the past at the "Delicious Breakfast Hotel" published by the word-of-mouth Site Trip Advisor. There are more than 50 kinds of menus such as Japanese food, Western food and Okinawan dishes. Salads and tropical fruits that use various island ingredients such as Mozuku and island tofu are popular with women. 。

[For pre-school children's families] "Double Tree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle" with a view of Naha city

"Double Tree by Hilton Naha Shuri Castle" is located about 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport. It is a hotel where you can overlook Naha city from your guest rooms because it is built on the hill of Shuri, and you can enjoy a remarkable night view. In addition, the largest outdoor “Garden Pool”, one of the largest hotels in Naha City, you can enjoy the feeling of a tropical resort while staying in the ancient capital of Shuri, with trees and flowers that are typical of southern countries, and there is also a pool for children, so families can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Recommended points

The “Pool & Lunch Plan” of “Grand Castle Cafe & Dining”, which has been loved by local customers for many years, is a very affordable plan that combines lunch buffet and pool tickets.

[For pre-school children's families] If you leave the hotel, Kokusai Dori! "Hotel JAL City Naha" is highly convenient

It is a convenient city hotel located in the center of Kokusai Dori. The entrance and card keys with the red mold motif, and the lobby with a cool water garden are full of Okinawa. In addition, the breakfast buffet, which changes every season, has a daily menu, and it is a great point for consecutive nights and repeaters. There is also a nursing room on the first floor, so moms with babies can feel safe.

Recommended points

All beds can be attached in guest rooms for 2 to 4 people, so it is perfect for families with sleeping children. The connection room, which connects the twin room with the inner door, is recommended for family trips for three generations.

[For pre-school children's families] Two pools and barbecue! "Roisyel Hotel Naha"

At Rowazil Hotel Naha, children under the age of 12 are free to sleep. If you sleep well in the shape of a river with a wide bed, you will surely deepen your family's ties. In addition, there is a baby room (Japanese-style room) featuring Ryukyu tatami mats, so it is safe to bring your baby. After enjoying leisure and sightseeing, barbecue at the poolside! There is also an all-you-can-eat plan for children who are eating. It is also recommended to spend a relaxing time at natural hot spring flowing from the source.

Recommended points

The butterfly-shaped outdoor pool (seasonal business April-October) with wings is very popular with children. It can be used until 20 o'clock, so you can swim a lot without worrying about time. In addition, the indoor pool that can be enjoyed all year round is not limited to the weather, but there is no need to worry about sunburn.

[For pre-school children's families] "Hotel Ocean Naha Kokusai Dori", both adults and children are very satisfied with the wide variety of hospitality.

"Hotel Ocean Naha Kokusai Dori" is a good location, a 3-minute walk from Yui Rail Makishi Station. For breakfast, which is rich in Okinawan cuisine, you can enjoy taco rice and parfait you make yourself in addition to a nutritional menu using more than 100 kinds of Okinawan ingredients. There are baby food and kids menus for each age, so one of the attractions is that the whole family can eat. Adults can enjoy rental pillows that can be selected from 5 types and women-only and free shampoo bars!

Recommended points

There are a wide variety of rental items such as strollers, bed guards, and pajamas for children. When you check in, there are also diapers and wipes, so you can minimize your luggage on your travel destination.

How was it? Even if you say a hotel, there are plenty of hotels with different atmospheres and facilities inside the building. Naha City is dotted with many other hotels in addition to the hotels introduced this time, so please choose according to the scene and taste.

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