How to enjoy yourself in Miyako Island! Five recommended sightseeing spots

How to enjoy yourself in Miyako Island! Five recommended sightseeing spots
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Located about 300 km southwest of Okinawa Island, Miyako Island has many marine leisure and gourmet sightseeing spots, as well as marine leisure and gourmet. You can swim and watch the beauty of "Miyako Blue", enjoy an exhilarating drive, or enjoy tropical fruits in the orchard. Would you like to make wonderful memories in Miyako Island?

Before you get off at Miyako Island ...

The transparency of the sea of Miyako Island, which can be seen from the airplane. It is inevitable to suppress the heartbeat of your chest with more beautifulness than you can imagine. My mood is at its peak in Miyako Island.

Sunayama Beach where you can enjoy "Miyako Blue"

"Sanzan Beach" is one of the most beautiful beaches in Miyako Island, along with Yonaha Maehama Beach.
Located in a convenient location, about 15 minutes by car from Hirara Port and about 4 km from Hirara City, it is full of many tourists. As you walk along the small sand mountain, you can see the beautiful sea with gradations of turquoise blue and cobalt blue.

You can enjoy snorkels on the clear sandy beach, where you can observe colorful tropical fish up close.

Admission is free and the parking lot and shower room are free, so it is attractive that you can enjoy it casually.
The sandy mountain before arriving at the beach has a surprisingly distance and slope, so it is recommended that you access in casual clothes is recommended.

To Higashihennazaki, one of the most famous spots in Miyako Island

Higashihennazaki is located at the easternmost tip of Miyako Island.
This Higashihennazaki is a cape that is about 2 km toward the beautiful sea, and the beautiful emerald green sea spreads around. There is a free parking lot near the cape, which can be accessed by car.

After walking for about 5 to 10 minutes on the promenade, you will reach the cape lighthouse, which is often seen in photos and postcards.
In addition to the magnificence of the scenery, you can enjoy the nature of promenade, which changes its appearance depending on the season, such as the Tppoyu lily blooming from April to June. It is a famous spot that is visited not only by tourists but also by locals.

Cross the Irabu Ohashi Bridge to the popular spot "Irabujima"

Irabujima, which has many diving spots, can be accessed from Miyako Island Motojima over Irabu Ohashi Bridge. This Irabu Ohashi Bridge has a total length of 3,540 meters and opened on January 31, 2015.

It boasts the longest bridge in Japan that can pass for free access. From Irabu Ohashi Bridge, you can overlook the blue sea, making it an ideal driving spot. You can enjoy a refreshing drive while watching the beautiful sea breeze.

After crossing Irabujima, I'm going to go around the beach.
One of the most popular beaches is Toguchi Beach. The 800-meter-long white sandy beach with an arc, shines so dazzling that you can't open your eyes, making you feel like you've come to a private beach overseas.
The beauty of the sea, which is as good as "Yonaha Maehama Beach" or "Sandzan Beach", cannot be helped by anyone who has no plans to swim.

"Irabujima" is famous as one of the most diving spots in the Miyako Islands.
Above all, "dori Pond", which is made by rainwater eroding limestone, is a famous spot designated as a natural monument in Okinawa Prefecture. Because the bottom of this street pond is connected to the sea, you can often see divers coming from the sea floating into the pond.

In addition to the street pond, there are many diving spots around the island. "Swan Kindergarten" where you can see creatures such as turtles and kingyo Hana Dai, "Snake Hall" where you can see not only colorful small fish, but also manta in warm early spring, and the fantastic "Mao's Palace", where the pale sunlight coming from the rock hole is fantastic. It features a different expression for each spot. Why don't you play with various creatures in the sea or enjoy a fantastic under the sea to make memories?

Tropical orchard in a tropical orchard

"Maipari Miyako Island Tropical Orchard" is a tropical orchard located 15 minutes from Miyako Airport.
You can tour the park with a special small cart and observe various tropical plants while listening to the commentary of the Shimanchu (island people) guide.

There are many rare plants in the park, such as the island banana, which features small fruits, Kaenboku, one of the world's three major flowering trees, and Mango, a representative tropical fruit. In addition, you can enjoy creating memories such as spots where you can interact with Miyako horses, a natural monument, and enjoy sweets such as ice cream and juices that blended fruits on the spot.

Underwater Park, where you can enjoy the world of the sea

Located in northern Miyako Island along the coast, Miyako Island Marine Park is a tourist facility consisting of terraces, cafes and observation deck.
One of the highlights of the Miyako Island Underwater Park is the "underwater observation facility" built on the seabed.

At the underwater observation facility, you can observe sea creatures up close through the acrylic panel windows. Unlike aquariums, you can observe the natural sea that changes depending on the weather and season up close, so it is attractive that you can enjoy different emotions every time you visit.

To an attractive island with a wide range of fun!

How was it? Miyako Island has a variety of sightseeing spots and activities, as well as beautiful beaches with blue seas and white sandy beaches. Enjoy the magnificent nature, taste the fruits of the southern country, and make your own memories and enjoy sightseeing in Miyako Island.

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