awamori Beginner must see! How to enjoy awamori

awamori Beginner must see! How to enjoy awamori
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"awamori" is one of Okinawa's specialty products. However, it is true that many people have the image of "having habit" and "hard alcohol with a degree of alcohol". This time, I would like to introduce the "real charm of awamori" that I want people inexperienced people in awamori.

"awamori is a strong habit" This formula is no longer possible!

awamori, one of Okinawa's specialty products, has been recognized nationwide since the boom in Okinawa. However, it is true that many people have the image of awamori as "they's habit" and "severe alcohol with alcohol content."
In addition, since young people are leaving alcohol not only in Okinawa but also nationwide, it is thought that the opportunity to eat is less.

Photos provided: Kitchen Paikaji Kokusai Dori Store in Okinawa

But! Awamori is the sake that those people want to drink. awamori, which is constantly evolving, doesn't have to worry about it!
The reason for this is that, such as the type, arrangement, and how to drink, have been devised, such as "drinkable" and "fashionableness" are used.

This time, I would like to introduce awamori's true charm. Especially for women, it's a must-see.

First of all, start with basic information. What kind of liquor is awamori?

awamori is the oldest distilled sake that was introduced from Thailand in the 15th century. This product features both mellowness and richness, and deep scent that passes through the nose.
awamori has a wide variety of types, including young sake and old liquor, as well as those with high and low alcohol content. One of the ways to enjoy it is to repeat tasting at awamori specialty stores and izakaya and find the type that suits you.

Such awamori is one of the communication tools. awamori often begins exchanges with travelers and Chinanchu (Okinawa). If you don't like talking, you might want to use the help of awamori.

Grasp the hearts of young people and women! awamori Cocktail awamori Liqueur

The image of "awamori = Rock and Water Split" has been established, but this is not the case. There are plenty of bars and izakayas that offer "original cocktails using awamori"!

Photos provided: Okinawa's creative cuisine location Dining Nagi

Some of the most popular cocktail is the awamori cocktail.……。 awamori cocktails are so popular with many people.
The awamori Cocktail uses fresh, moderate sour citrus fruits, sweet tropical fruit juice or liqueur. The compatibility between fruits such as Shekwasha, lemon, mango, pineapple and pineapple and awamori is excellent, and softens the unique flavor of awamori. Therefore, even those who are not good at Awamori can easily enjoy it without resistance.

And "awamori Liqueur." This is a mixed sake that is being developed in the awamori industry in Okinawa Prefecture.
This is also gaining popularity among young women because it has a moderate acidity and sweetness like a cocktail. There are plenty of types, such as plum wine and mango liqueur are examples. There is also awamori liqueur, which uses brown sugar, a local product of Okinawa, which seems to be popular as a souvenir.

The appeal of awamori liqueur is "low alcohol content"! With this, even those who are weak to drink can easily enjoy themselves.

Anyone familiar with cocktails and liqueur, can easily enjoy awamori. For beginners of awamori, it may be a good idea to gradually change it to a normal awamori for the first time.

Effective for beauty and health! The nice effects of awamori

As you may not know, awamori has a positive effect on beauty and health!

One of the most attention is the effect of combat thrombocytopenia. awamori has the effect of increasing the amount of plusmin, a factor for melting the hardened blood. Therefore, drinking an appropriate amount of awamori can make blood smoother. If blood circulation is smooth, it can improve poor circulation and reduce menstrual pain.
And it is said that it is good for recovery from fatigue and beautiful skin. Relieving daily fatigue and stimulating metabolism, it provides gloss and moisture to the skin.

For women, beauty and health are always important to be aware of. Take awamori and make your body look more beautiful.

Find and taste your favorite awamori.

How was it? awamori is designed to make it easy for people who are not good at it. When you visit Okinawa, be sure to enjoy the taste of awamori with your favorite way of splitting, cocktails and liqueur!

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