Fifty minutes from Naha! To Zamami Island in the national park

Fifty minutes from Naha! To Zamami Island in the national park
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The Kerama Islands were designated as a National Park in March 2014. Zamami Island is the center of the island, and its biggest feature is its beautiful sea, which is also called "Kerama Blue" and "sea where the world loves." It's nice to be able to access easily, just 50 minutes by high-speed boat. Why don't you stay a day trip and relax and go around Shimauchi? The island tends to be mountains and the beaches and observation decks are far from the port, so use a rental car or rental bike to travel Shimauchi.

The blue sea with beautiful gradation not seen on Okinawa Island is truly worthy of the name "Kerama Blue".

Old Zamami beach

It features beautiful white sand and highly transparent water. Corals and tropical fish are right there!

The main beach on Zamami Island, which won two stars at Michelin Green Guide Japon. The pure white coral sand is beautiful, and you can see corals and tropical fish just by swimming a little from the shore, making it ideal for snorkeling.

Ama beach

Photos provided: Zamami-son

Unlike the old Zamami beach, it is shallow and the waves are gentle. A beach where families can play with peace of mind. At high tide, sea turtles come to see seaweed that grows near the beach, and if you are lucky, you can see it. It's famous for its beautiful sunset.

The island is full of observation deck because there are many hills. Let's look at the beautiful seas of the surrounding area with a different perspective than the beach

High Gassan observation deck

One of the best view spots on the island overlooking the old Zamami Beach

An observation spot on the summit of Taka Gassan at an altitude of 131m, where you can feel like climbing. There are two places in observation deck, the first and second, especially from the second observation deck you can enjoy an exhilarating view of the old Zamami Beach and the remote islands beyond it.

Osezaki Observation Deck

Sunset point on the island. I am impressed by the magnificent scenery

Located in the northwestern part of the island, it is also known as "observation deck of Sunset". From the parking lot to the observation deck at the tip of the cape, the promenade allows you to enjoy the dynamic scenery of the cliffs. If the weather is fine, you can also see Kume Island, about 60 km away.

Chishi observation deck

The contrast between the roughness of the cliffs and the beautiful sea is interesting.

observation deck is located in the eastern part of Zamami Island. Although it is a somewhat rough sight, such as the exposed rock surface, there are small but beautiful beaches and beautiful sea with high transparency below. If the weather is fine, you can also see Aguni Island floating offshore.

God's beach observation deck

With a panoramic view of the islands, the sunset is beautiful

About 5 minutes by car from Ama Beach. From the two-story arbor like a turret, you can see the islands of various sizes such as Akajima and Kahijima are scattered. Because it is located on the west side of the island, it is famous as a sunset spot.

The beautiful sea is the real pleasure of Zamami Island. Let's enjoy the sea of Zamami Island by diving or sea kayaking.

Whale watch

Photos provided: Zamami-son

From winter to spring, whales come back!

humpback whale has a comfortable environment for breeding and child-rearing. Whale watching is usually held from January to March. Let's observe the various behaviors of whales.

Kerama kayak center

The beautiful and transparent sea of Zamami Island can be enjoyed because it is sea kayak

Hosts a sea kayak tour that even beginners can enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of Zamami Island from the unique perspective of sea kayaking, such as outstanding transparency and a wide variety of corals, tropical fish, and sea turtles all year round.

Introducing popular restaurants that you would like to visit once during lunch or gourmet stay, such as a long-established dining room and Okinawa soba using island ingredients.

Wayama sea cloud

From noodles to toppings, a cup of mozuku from Zamami village to topping

A shop attached to a boat snorkeling specialty store. The mozuku soba (medium) 700 yen, which is kneaded into noodles, a specialty of Zamami Island, mozuku, into noodles, is a cup that you want to eat when you visit the island. I'd like to order some mozuku juicy and mozuku sausage.

Restaurant Marumiya

There are more than 50 kinds of menus! To a family restaurant on the island

A popular shop with a wide range of menus, from classic Okinawan dishes such as Goya Champloo 610 yen to single dishes that match alcohol. Homemade dishes, such as 370 yen mozuku vinegar handmade from sauce, have a reputation in the local area.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stay at a hotel where the island time flows. Surrounded by nature, mind and body are refreshed

Kerama Beach Hotel

Best location and best hospitality

Standing in a place overlooking Ago-no-Ura, there is a twin, triple, and maisonnet-type guest rooms. At night, the starry sky spreads out around, and you can lie down on the lawn terrace seat and observe the starry sky.

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