A must-see for beer lovers! Iroha of Orion Happy Park

A must-see for beer lovers! Iroha of Orion Happy Park
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Alion beer you want to taste in Okinawa, Orion Beer! Once you eat it, you will surely be captivated by light pleasure and creamy feeling. Orion beer manufacturer, Orion Happy Park (Orion Beer Nago Factory), manufactures bottle beer, and barrels, including canned beer, which can produce about 72,000 bottles in one hour. This time, we will introduce the features of Orion Beer and the charm of Orion Happy Park.

Two tops along with awamori! Orion Beer, a specialty product loved by Okinawans

Okinawa's specialty product, Orion Beer, was born in 1957. Examples include Orion the Draft, which features a refreshing taste according to the climate of Okinawa, and Orion the Premium, which uses yeast found from Okinawa's plants.

By the way, the name Orion Beer is named by the general public offering. It is taken from the southern star, Orion, etc., and seems to have been selected because of its Okinawan uniqueness and appeal.

The secret of delicious taste is here! Orion Happy Park

Orion Happy Park is the only company in Japan that manufactures Orion Beer. Here you can touch on the history of Orion Beer and observe the manufacturing process with a guide explanation. How is the taste loved by Okinawan people born? Look at the whole part of it!

Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (reservation required)

It takes about 60 minutes (40 minutes to visit, 20 minutes for tasting)

Holidays Weekly Wednesdays and Thursdays, New Year's holidays, designated holidays (irregular holidays) ※The machine is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, but tours are allowed.

Fee 500 yen for adults (18 years old and over), children (7 years old and under) 200 yen, infants (0 to 6 years old) Free

※Holidays and fees are subject to change, so please check the Orion Beer official website in advance.

①Raw materials and crushing

Orion beer is made from malt, hops, and high quality water. We order and use carefully selected items from all over the world to create a unique taste.


Heat the crushed malt to make sweet malt (beer base). After filtering this, add hops, boil, cool and transfer to the fermentation tank.


Add yeast to chilled barley and fermented. Sugar contained in barley juice is decomposed into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast, and becomes a young beer in about a week.


By ripening young beer slowly in a storage tank for more than a dozen days, it will be finished with a well-balanced and delicious beer. However, it has not yet been completed.


Removes yeast and excess protein from beer that has been aged over time. Then you can make a beautiful amber beer.


Beers that have been completed until filtration is packed into containers such as bottles, cans, and barrels on an automated production line. In addition, the quality control of production lines is thoroughly implemented.

After the factory tour, let's moisten your throat with freshly made Orion beer!

After the factory tour, you can drink freshly made Orion beer at the tasting venue. Non-alcoholic beer or soft drinks are available, and minors are available for minors.

Orion beer is poured into a cool glass. Can be tasted up to 2tidbits. The taste directly connected to the factory is delicious enough to get obsessed!

We have many kinds of souvenirs, including Orion original goods. You will surely find a product that suits your family, friends and lovers.

A space that reproduces "Machiyagu (small general store)" in the 1965's. With a retro atmosphere, you can learn the history of Orion beer.

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