Making only one Okinawa souvenir in the world through Ryukyu glass experience

Making only one Okinawa souvenir in the world through Ryukyu glass experience
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Are you buying souvenirs for yourself on your trip? Is it a souvenir for an important person, a rut?
It's a great trip to Okinawa, so let's make it not only buy but also make it yourself!
One of the most recommended is the Ryukyu glass experience. At first glance, the glass experience is a difficult image, but it is actually very easy. It's very safe because the studio staff will teach you each one carefully!
In addition, you can select design and color by yourself, suitable for everyday use with attachment.
One of the best Okinawa souvenir in the world. Would you like to make it with me?

※Depending on the workshop, the experience time is determined, and there are some places where reservations are required. Please check in advance.

Making only one Okinawa souvenir in the world through Ryukyu glass experience!

Uh!? So easy! ? Experience process

①Choose your favorite color, shape and pattern

This time, I tried the "Easy Course" recommended for beginners! Because I wanted a awamori glass for dinner, the shape was Tallas. The pattern is colored with cute bugs, and the color is selected so that the crushes shine. You can also choose from blue, light blue, green, peach, and lavender.


Wrap the glass melted in the kiln to scoop the water with a pipe.
But it's really hot! That should be the case, and the inside of the kiln seems to be about 130 ° C. At first I was quite frightened by the heat (laughs)
※Depending on the workshop, a craftsman may do it.

③Hang on the phosphorus

The heat ball of the wounded glass is made into round shape. This was the least difficult process.
※Depending on the workshop, a craftsman may do it.

④Attach a tsubu

Roll once on the glass frame from left to right. Because of the hot glass ball, it was attached in an interesting way. The knack is light and gently rolling.
※Depending on the workshop, a craftsman may do it.


It blows strongly as if you swell the balloon. At first, I was a little impatient than I had imagined, but when I started to swell, it quickly grew up.
※Depending on the workshop, a craftsman may do it.

⑥Put the bottom of the glass

While holding down the bottom with fire scissors, the other hand moves the heart while keeping the pipe parallel. It was a little difficult because I couldn't understand the strength, so I had more than half of the craftsmen helped (laughs)
※Depending on the workshop, a craftsman may do it.


It was a moment of tension and tension (sweat)
But! I was able to enjoy the feeling of doing it. Put the fire scissors in a small hole, and slowly spread the fire scissors with the same power without too much effort. The other hand had to be moved slowly while keeping parallel, and if it was too early, the glass would be cooled down, and if it was too slow, the glass would cool and hardened, so I became sweaty with subtle movements (laughs).


Fifteen minutes later, it's finally finished! Glass breaks when cooled suddenly, so cool it in a dedicated kiln for one day.

Regarding receipt of goods
The completed work will be picked up the next day. Please consult with the staff as we also ship it.

At first glance, the "blowing glass experience" was a difficult image, but it was much easier to enjoy than I imagine. You can enjoy a sense of accomplishment from a shape without any shape to a shape as the process overlaps, and the moment you look forward to the finished product. And the satisfaction of making such a cute souvenir according to your preference, is the top class in Okinawa's craft experience? Also, it's nice to have practicality as a souvenir. This time, I'm going to make a glass of different colors!

Interview cooperation: Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio "Blowed Glass Easy Course 2,200 Yen ~"

Selected in the area! Within a 10-minute drive from the resort hotel

Ryukyu Glass Artisan Studio

Uruma-shi | About 1 minute drive from Ishikawa IC

There are a wide variety of types from the desire to use them easily.
Many experienced people are satisfied with the workmanship that can be mistaken for a product!

Recommended experience
・Blowing glass experience (15 minutes) 3,000 yen~
・Dragonfly ball accessory experience (15 minutes) 2,160 yen~ ※Onna store only

Ryukyu Glass Tida Studio

Onna-son | About 1 minute drive from ANA Manza Beach Resort

At-home workshop where you can experience the glass making process carefully.
I will finish the final process alone! ! There is also a "Tone Course"

Recommended experience
・Blowed glass and thorough course 3,300 yen~
・Dragonfly ball experience 1,620 yen~

Onna glass studio

Onna-son | About 10 minutes by car from Yaka IC

Good location in front of the Sheraton Hotel Sanma Lena!
There are more than 300 types of glass experiences that can be selected from 10 colors.

Recommended experience
・Blowing glass experience (5 minutes to 10 minutes) from 1,650 yen
・Dragonfly ball (20 minutes) 2,300 yen~

Experience kingdom

Yomitan-son | About 70 minutes by car from Naha Airport

Blowing glass experience using recycled glass.
Not only the number of colors, but also a wide variety of patterns such as foam, polka dots, stripes, and spiral.

Recommended experience
・Blow glass experience / cup (30 minutes) 2,750 yen ~
・Glass dragonfly Ball Making Experience 1,620 yen ~

Selected in the area! Going back and forth from the Churaumi Aquarium, a little detour

Glass art indigo

Nago-shi | About 30 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Recommended experience
・Blowing glass experience 2,640 yen~
・Small bowls 3,630 yen~

Forest Glass Museum

Nago-shi | About 15 minutes by car from Kyoda IC

Make memories of your trip! Let's handcraft a shining glass.
Photo frame experience and accessories are recommended for beginners.

Recommended experience
・Original glass making experience (10-15 minutes) 1,870 yen ~
・Handmade photo frame experience (40 minutes to 50 minutes) 1,100 yen

Selected in the area! Near the airport! Let's try as soon as we get there.

Ryukyu Glass Village

Itoman-shi | About 25 minutes by car from Naha Airport

The largest Ryukyu glass workshop in the prefecture where you can experience the charm of Ryukyu glass.
You can choose from 10 different ways, including experience using Ryukyu glass.

Recommended experience
・Original glass making experience (10 minutes) 2,970 yen~
・Accessories making experience (40 minutes) 2,750 yen

Gyokusen-dong, Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom

Nanjo-shi | About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport

In the park where you can enjoy Okinawa's nature and culture in one hall, you can also experience Ryukyu glass.
Be sure to use it for memories of your trip, such as mugs and vase!

Recommended experience
・Decoboko jockey (10 minutes) 3,850 yen~
・Tal glasses (7 minutes) 2,860 yen~

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