Ishigaki-jima Island's recommended marine sports & activity ranking

Ishigaki-jima Island's recommended marine sports & activity ranking
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OkinawaTraveler Editor

The sea around Ishigaki-jima Island, where you can meet colorful coral reefs and tropical fish!
The "Rikadocca Editorial Department" introduces recommended marine sports that allows you to experience the world where one of Japan's leading coral reefs spread from various angles. Let's experience the beauty of the sea together for the first time and family with children!

[1st place] Snorkel experience

※Photos provided: Sunfish Ishigaki-jima Island

The sea of the Yaeyama Islands, which are said to have more than 360 kinds of corals. The nation's largest coral reef can be enjoyed by snorkeling. Floating on the surface of the sea will surely be very satisfied.

[2nd place] Uninhabited island tour

※Photos provided: Rise Ishigaki-jima Island

Hamashima is a phantom island with only a white sandy beach surrounded by a deep blue sea, located between Taketomijima and Kohamajima. You can enjoy playing in the water, leisurely snorkeling and experiential diving in a highly transparent sea.

[3rd place] SUP (Sap)

※Photos provided: Apnea Adventure Ishigaki-jima Island

A marine sport that can be enjoyed by children and adults, standing on a large surfboard and rowing with an oar. Let's squeeze the sea with SUP in the best location of Ishigaki-jima Island.

[4th place] Experience diving

※Photos provided: Kariyushi Ishigaki-jima Island

If you come to Ishigaki-jima Island, you must meet "manta!" manta, who travels around the sea around Ishigaki-jima Island throughout the year, swims as if they were flying in the sky. For diving, it is recommended that you can see the manta closer than snorkel.

[5th place] Glass boat

※Photos provided: Kawahira Marine Service

A glass boat with a glass bottom and allows you to see the underwater world in Kabira Bay. A skilled captain will guide you through a careful explanation of the highlights. Since it departs every 15 minutes, you can easily participate.

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