It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from late October to November

It's a must-see for those who go to Okinawa! Clothes and items from late October to November
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    It's still hot! Do you wear summer clothes from late October to November? Winter?

    In Okinawa from late October to November, hot days continue. Until around October, you can fully enjoy marine sports such as banana boats and snorkels. However, it is true that summer is coming to an end at this time. Even if it is hot during the day, it feels a bit chilly at night.……。
    Then, what kind of clothes should I choose for a trip to Okinawa from early October to November? "Daytime" and "dusk to night", we will introduce the best clothes for each time.

    "Summer-like clothes + thin outerwear" is perfect for the heat and cold!

    From early October to November, Okinawa has a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius, making it easier to spend throughout the year. However, it may be nearly 30 degrees during the day. Therefore, when traveling to Okinawa during this time, we recommend summer clothes such as short-sleeved T-shirts, short pants and shorts. A maxi-length dress is perfect for those who wear skirts. As it is all-in-one, you won't have to worry about coordinating the day.

    At this time, we need to pay attention not only to the heat but also for the sun. It is important to protect your head with a hat or cap, as if exposed directly in the sun, it may cause heat stroke. Let's enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa comfortably by taking in fashion with heat stroke.

    In Okinawa at this time, the morning and evening temperatures are lower than during the day. It may feel a bit chilly, so when going out from evening to night, we recommend that you carry a thin cardigan or parka. Therefore, put not only short-sleeved T-shirts and shorts, but also long-sleeved T-shirts and long pants in your luggage.
    By preparing two types, short-sleeved and long sleeves, it is possible to coordinate with clothes that match the temperature and mood of the day, such as short-sleeved T-shirts and long pants at the bottom. This allows you to enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa from dusk to night as comfortably as during the day.
    As for footwear, sandals may cool your feet, so footwear that protect your feet from coldness, such as sneakers and pumps, are recommended.

    Ideal clothing suitable for traveling to Okinawa from late October to November in time. By holding this, you can enjoy your trip to Okinawa at this time without stress due to temperature.
    Of course, the points mentioned above can be used not only for adults but also for small children to choose clothes.

    At this time, too! Sunscreens are selected based on "skin quality" and "use".

    How long do you think Okinawa's summer will last?
    In the case of the mainland, the summer will end in late August because it gradually gets chilly around September. On the other hand, Okinawa is still at the height of summer!
    After that, summery will continue until around October. Therefore, even when traveling to Okinawa from late October to November, it can be said that sunburn measures are necessary.

    "Sunscreen" protects skin against ultraviolet rays. There are various types of this.
    One of the most typical examples is "cream gel type." This product has excellent moisture retention effect and makes it easy to fit to skin, so it is recommended for people who dry skin. The spray mist type is recommended for those who want to take measures against sunburn in a wide range of areas, such as legs, arms, back, etc., and those who do not want to get dirty.
    In addition to these, there are powder type, sheet type, etc. By selecting according to skin quality and application, effective sunburn measures can be achieved that is as competitive as Okinawa's ultraviolet rays.

    Enjoy Okinawa in October and November in clothes that can cope with temperature differences

    Okinawa is relatively easy to spend from late October to November and is perfect for travel. However, in some cases, the temperature difference between morning and during the day, and from evening to night may be noticeable. For this reason, it is important to choose the clothes for traveling to Okinawa during this period, focusing on "whether or not they can respond to temperature differences."
    And when going out during the day when the sun is still shining, it is important to take measures against sunburn.
    Based on these points, you can enjoy Okinawa happily and comfortably without feeling the stress caused by changes in temperature.

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