35 minutes from Naha. Tokashiki Island where you can enjoy visiting the island

35 minutes from Naha. Tokashiki Island where you can enjoy visiting the island
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Tokashiki Village, a national park closest to Naha. The center of this is Tokashiki Island. The observatory, where most of the island is made up of mountains, and you can overlook the surrounding sea area. In addition, the scenery is rich in scenery, such as rare rural scenery in Okinawa. Of course there are plenty of marine activities on the beach. I'm looking forward to the island's gourmet. If you want to act freely, I recommend a rental car.

Tokashiki Island has two main beaches, both of which are rich in marine activities.

Aharen Beach

The main beach of the island in Aharen village, which is the bustling Aharen village on Tokashiki Island

It is a natural beach with a gentle curve, which shows a lot of bustling during the season. It can be crossed to uninhabited island floating offshore, making it ideal to enjoy plenty of sea. I'd like to go to the Aharen Observation Deck, which overlooks the beach.

Tokashiku beach

A hotel stands in front of you and a lot of hospitality and resort feeling.

The waves are calm because of the bay shape. In addition, three sides are surrounded by wood, giving plenty of private feeling. It's a different atmosphere than Aharen Beach. A hotel stands on the beach side and offers a variety of activities.

observation deck is everywhere because most of the island is hilly. With a panoramic view of the islands of Kerama Islands and the Kerama Blue Sea

West observation deck and East observation deck

Two observation deck, the highest peak of Tokashiki Island, the highest peak of Tokashiki Island

At an altitude of 277m, the area near the summit of Aka Mayama is a good location with an open view and 360 degrees. There are two observation decks here, and the West observation deck (pictured) overlooks the islands of the Kerama Islands, including Zamami Island. East observation deck overlooks Okinawa Island.

Aharen Garden

The sunset spot at the southernmost tip of Tokashiki Island, where you can drive by car

A square with parking lots and toilets about 10 minutes by car from the Aharen village. Because it is located on a hill, it has a good view and is famous as a sunset spot. From here, the promenade extends to Cape Aharen, the southernmost tip of Tokashiki Island.

Lunch and dinner dishes unique to the island using local fish and Okinawan dishes such as Champloo!

Barracks of barracks

The full menu is perfect for lunch between the sea.

A few minutes walk from Aharen Beach. We recommend 900 yen set meal with sashimi vinegar and miso with plenty of island fish caught that day. Okinawa soba 650 yen and juicy (cooked rice) using black rice grown in Tokashiki Island are also popular.

Karaoke izakaya Marine Box

Unusually opened late night on Tokashiki Island. You need to make a reservation and pick-up is also OK.

Located near Tokashiki Port, it offers 850 yen for A lunch (pictured). It is open not only during the day but also late at night, and it will be a free pick-up (from 2 people) to the inn with a reservation until 21:00 on the day, so I am very grateful.

As a souvenir of Tokashiki Island. There are several shops in the port waiting area, so let's use it before you go home.

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