I won't give up even if it rains! ? 120% Let's play Okinawa!

I won't give up even if it rains! ? 120% Let's play Okinawa!
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A long-awaited trip to Okinawa. Although I was planning sightseeing under the clear sky, the weather forecast was rainy……。 Don't you depressed that your trip was ruined by rain? But it's okay! There are many sightseeing spots in Okinawa that you can enjoy even on rainy days. This time, we will pick up and deliver various genres such as gourmet, experience, relaxation from a number of spots.

1. "Kanoa Onna Store" with memories of Okinawa

Photo frames from Kanoa

"Kanoa" means freedom in Hawaiian language. As the name implies, you can relax and experience manufacturing freely at Kanoa Onna. In addition to natural shells and starfish shining white, there are many handmade original parts with motifs such as bear fleas and whale shark. Why don't you make your own work as if trapped the sea?

Recommended points

You can take it home immediately after completion! Since there is no waiting time after the experience, you can move smoothly to the next schedule.

2. "Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom, Gyokusendo," Okinawa World Cultural Kingdom

Okinawa World indigo dyeing Experience

After enjoying the most beautiful solutional cave "Tamasen-dong" in the East, Super Eisa folk dance and the show of the hub, you will see the memories of your trip. At Kingdom of ryukyu Castle Town, you can experience traditional Okinawan culture, such as red mold, weaving, and indigo dyeing. The townscape of Okinawa in the good old days, which has been relocated and reproduced several old private houses over 100 years old. Why don't you go back in time to such a castle town, "I'm wondering if I came for the first time?"

Recommended points

Experience indigo dyeing using a plant called "Ryukyuai". The vivid gradation and the contrast between deep blue and white make the image of the Okinawan sea and sky.

3. "Glass Art Indigo" is only one piece in the world with "eye"

Glass Art Ai Ryukyu Glass Experience

"Glass Art Ai" where you can experience Ryukyu glass in a workshop surrounded by subtropical nature. A variety of colors, designs, and abundant options are perfect for making your own original glasses. How about making Ryukyu glass with love in commemoration of such a trip to Okinawa, "I remember every time I see a glass"?

Recommended points

In general, it is a Ryukyu glass experience where only a part of the process can be experienced, but in glass art indigo, customers can make it from beginning to end. If you want to make only one original glass in the world.

4. Okinawa's "Delicious" comes from Coco to "Orion Happy Park"

Tour of Orion Happy Park Factory

Orion Happy Park, located in Nago City, northern Motojima, is the only factory in Japan that manufactures Orion Beer. In addition to bottle beer and barrels, 72,000 canned beers are produced per hour. The taste of Orion Beer, which is made from special ingredients, is a three-star class! Tasting beer after the tour is also one of the pleasures.

Recommended points

After touching Okinawa's "delicious" during a factory tour, enjoy Orion beer tasting time! The freshly made beer that you can't usually drink is exquisite.

5. Kitchen "Naha City Daiichi Makishi Public Market" has been loved for over 70 years

Food ingredients are lined up Makishi Public Market in Naha

"Naha City Daiichi Makishi Public Market", where ingredients from Okinawa Prefecture gather together, will be reopened in March 2023! Unusual seafood, meat, Shimano greens, fruits, etc. are lined up in a row, and are loved by locals as "Okinawa Kitchen". There is no doubt that the warmth and smile of the grandfather and grandmother who have supported Okinawa's growth will surely give you energy. "Machigu Phankaimen Sore (come to the market)"

6. "Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin no Yu" in southern countries

Senaga Island_Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin no Yu

The natural hot spring Ryujin-no-Yu, a 20-minute drive from Naha Airport, is a resort hot spring loved by people from all over the country. You can enjoy several types of baths, such as the Tateyu-no-Yu bath, which has a depth of 120 cm, Kinryu-no-yu and Ginryu-no-yu, where the men's bath and ladies' bath are replaced every day, and the lie-down bath. Why don't you try to experience the healing of a variety of commitments?

Recommended points

The location where you can enjoy the sea, the sunset, and the Kerama Islands is a superb view itself. The scenery with different expressions depending on the time of day will surely be satisfied no matter how many times you come.

7. A cup of crispy! "Populous Kushiage Restaurant Adachiya"

Popular Kushiage Restaurant Adachi-ku

"Adachiya" is the store that originated in Senbero. 1000 yen per drink and one tidbits item you can choose. In addition to Senbero, "Hamaguri no Sake" and "Supple boiled with added since its foundation", which are extremely popular among local regulars, are must be a must-eat. There is also a hub liquor that can be found at souvenir shops along Kokusai Dori. If you are worried, try it out.

Recommended points

Adachi-ya has a lively seat, not only the seats but also the standing table, but those who want to sit slowly, it is recommended around 12 pm to 13:00 on weekdays.

8. Kokoroodol "Okinawa Kitchen Paikaji Kokusai Street"

Men who play Sanshin, Okinawa's Kitchen Paikaji Kokusai Dori Store

"Pikaji" means "wind blowing from the south" in the Okinawa dialect. Coco is recommended if you want to enjoy the night of Okinawa! Hospitality that focuses on creating a space, such as welcome by staff wearing costumes from the Ryukyu era, live performances of Sanshin, casual table seats, and parlor seats reminiscent of Okinawan private houses. Please enjoy the best sake and Okinawan cuisine to your heart's content, wrapped in a warm-temper.

Recommended points

"Rafute pizza" and "Ag pork cold shabu salad", which use plenty of Okinawan ingredients, are exquisite. In addition, you can enjoy fresh seafood with daily recommended menu.

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