Resort golf debut in Okinawa!

Resort golf debut in Okinawa!
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How about enjoying golf as one of your Okinawa trip plans?
This is because Okinawa is said to be a very good environment to enjoy golf. In general, winter is considered to be a season that is not suitable for golf, but Okinawa is the only thing that there is no need to worry that snow will fall and golf courses will be closed or the turf will not be able to play as if you think! Some people travel to Okinawa to enjoy golf.

Photos provided: The Southern Links Golf Club

In addition, it is unique to Okinawa Golf that you can enjoy beautiful scenery all year round. In particular, the ocean view seen in the back of the beautiful turf is a must-see, and the contrast between green and blue will surely make you feel excited.
Of course, that's not just that. The lovely red and pink hibiscus is blooming in the green, and you should see. In addition, colorful tropical flowers color the golf course.

Here, we will introduce the charms of golf that you want to know, the points to fully enjoy Okinawa Golf as much as you want, and recommended golf courses.

Now that women can enjoy golf!

In recent years, the popularity of golf women has increased, and gender has become irrespective of playing golf. Cute golf wears and clubs for women are lined up in the shop as usual, and even if you look at golf courses, it is not unusual for women to go around the course.

One of the reasons why women's popularity is growing is that the image of a sport that can be enjoyed in a fashionable way has spread. Golf, which used to be called "gentlemen's sports," is now popular as a sport that can be enjoyed casually, and the dress code has been considerably relaxed. High-class resort golf courses require a solid look, but if you are not, cute styles such as mini skirts and shorts are OK! Even if you use a lot of colorful colors that require courage, you should be easy to try.
Other reasons seem to be "enhance leisure" and "more friends".

Many people think that golf is a "somewhat difficult sport", but many women say that it is surprisingly interesting and continuing when they try it. Golf is different from other sports is where you can move freely in the spacious and beautiful nature. You can enjoy playing with a refreshing feeling while being healed by the greenery of the grass and trees, and you can feel comfortable if the ball flies beautifully.
There are also fun unique to women, such as being able to talk with men and increasing exchanges with people of different ages who have never been in contact with them. It would be nice to say a golf trip with friends you like.

Have a fulfilling day at Okinawa Golf!

Now, let's introduce the unique way of enjoying Okinawa Golf. If you are planning to travel to Okinawa, please refer to it.

When you enjoy golf in Okinawa, we recommend that you go to the round early in the morning. Because Okinawa has about twice the amount of ultraviolet rays than the mainland! Ultraviolet rays are falling surprisingly, not only in summer but also in winter, and women who do not want to burn their skin need to be careful. In the morning, ultraviolet rays are not so strong, so you can sweat comfortably in the refreshing air.

One of the characteristics of rounding in Okinawa is that most of them are "through play method." The through play method is a method in which all 18 holes are turned around at once without having lunch in the middle of the round. If you go round from the morning, it will end at noon, so you can go to another sightseeing spot after playing!
Before you go to your next destination, refresh your sweat in large public bath in your clubhouse. Bathing with an ocean view is a unique charm of Okinawa. There are plenty of amenities such as shampoos and conditioner, as well as skin toners and hair styling agents, so you can be fashionable before going to a sightseeing spot.

Okinawa's golf courses are also attractive to go directly to famous tourist spots. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, the sea cafe in the southern part of Motojima, beaches and capes overlooking the beautiful sea of Okinawa are often close, so you should be able to spend a fulfilling trip while saving time.

Golf course recommended for a trip to Okinawa

"I'm interested!" For those who say, "Which golf course is good if you do sightseeing?", I picked up recommended golf courses for each area.

Northern Okinawa Island>Motobu-cho | Bell beach golf club

Bell Beach Golf Club, which is close to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is the only golf course on Okinawa Island, a great location with all course Ocean View! There are many lower holes, so you can enjoy refreshing shots.

Photos provided: Bell beach golf club

Central Okinawa Island>Kitanakagusuku-son | Ocean Castle Country Club

The Ocean Castle Country Club is located on a hill and has a large panorama overlooking the Pacific Ocean! It is close to the Kitanaka Castle interchange on the highway.

Photos provided: Ocean Castle Country Club

Southern Okinawa Island>Yaese-cho | The Southern Links Golf Club

The Southern Links Golf Club, which faces the southern sea, is a tee shot beyond the sea. You can enjoy stimulating shots aiming at the green beyond the cliff, which you can't taste elsewhere. One of the attractions is that it is close to major southern sightseeing spots, such as Nirai Bridge Kanai Bridge, Ou Island, and the Sea & Mountain Café.

Photos provided: The Southern Links Golf Club

Okinawa Island Island>Miyako Island | Ocean Links Miyako Island

Ocean Links Miyako Island is a seaside field where you can enjoy the nature of southern countries. Coral reefs, seas, and subtropical flowers that are seen at the end of the cliffs will welcome you. Because of the low altitude, you can not only enjoy the ocean view, but also make a round while wrapped in the sound of waves and tides.

Photos provided: Ocean Links Miyako Island

Experience found only on the southern island.
In this way, Okinawa is a point that cannot be removed if you enjoy golf. If you are planning to travel to Okinawa, please refer to this article and enjoy tropical golf!

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