From standard to the top! Women's Travel Drive with Okinawanness - Central Motojima~

From standard to the top! Women's Travel Drive with Okinawanness - Central Motojima~
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Central Motojima is about 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport. There are many highlights that you can feel the uniqueness of Okinawa, from the superb view spots you want to visit at least once to the cityscape where the atmosphere of the American rule era remains, and the source of new trends.
Introducing a model course that crosses Okinawa from the east coast to the west coast! Let's go out to a fashionable spot like a girl's trip.

AM 9:15 Departure from a resort hotel around Chatan-cho!

AM 9:15 A superb view drive with a total length of about 5 kilometers underwater

The Underwater Road, located on the east coast of central Motojima is a free road with a total length of 4.7 km from Motojima to Hama Higa Island, Heianza Island, Miyagishima, and Ikei Island. The road that extends straight at almost the same height as the sea surface gives you the feeling of running on the sea. Please enjoy the superb view that you can park your car involuntarily.

Recommended points

The Sea Station Ayahashikan, a boat-shaped building located in the middle of the underwater road, is a complex with local specialties and a restaurant where you can enjoy seafood. In summer, locals can see BBQ.

AM 10:00 Power Spot "Happiness Cape" ahead of the underwater road

Kafu Banta, which means "Cafe of happiness" in the Okinawa dialect, is located on the site of "Nuchimasu" salt factory on Miyagishima, which is connected by underwater roads. It is a superb view spot where there are few people who know the local area. As the name implies, it is also a must-see power spot for girls seeking happiness.

Recommended points

"Kaho Banta" includes "Ryujin Fudo", which calls for health luck and child treasure luck, and Mitake called "Santen Goza", which is recommended for those who want to increase their work luck. I want to inhale Okinawa's power while looking at Kudaka Island, a sacred place!

AM 11: 45 Enjoy the authentic pancakes in Onna Village, where the tropical mood is drifting.

Opened in 2012, Paanilani, a pancake specialty store, is a popular store where customers are still constant. Foreigners living in Okinawa come to visit the authentic American taste. There are a wide variety of pancakes, from pancakes to be enjoyed as a meal with bacon and fried cream, to sweet pancakes with fruits and fresh cream. Everything is full of volume!

Recommended points

Original pancakes with plenty of butter milk are baked after the order is placed, so always hot! If you are visiting with more than three people, try the "Diamond Head Pancake Tower", which contains 16 pancakes.

PM 1:00 One of the best scenic spots in Okinawa in the shape of an elephant nose, Manzamo

If you want to enjoy the superb view of "The Okinawa", go to "Manzamo" on Onna Village on the west coast of Motojima. Standing at the tip of the cape, the sea of cobalt blue spreads out in front of you. The magnificent view of the breaking waves breaking down on the steep coral reef rocks is so powerful that you can see silently. It is also a popular place for sunset.

Recommended points

You can sit down on a green square reminiscent of the name "A field where everyone can sit," and enjoy the blue sea and sky in front of you. It is also recommended to enjoy walking along the coast along the coast and take pictures of postcards-like scenery.

During the drive at 2:00 PM, let's decide here if you're hungry! Ladies' station, "Nakayuki Market"

If you are running along Route 58 along the west coast of Motojima, you will see "Onna no Eki Nakayui Market" in Onna Village. It has a stall and an eat-in space, which is perfect for a break during a drive. In addition, there are plenty of souvenirs such as special products and processed products of Onna Village.

Recommended points

At the stalls, there are plenty of Okinawa-like menus such as shaved ice with plenty of tropical fruits, marine products such as sea grapes, shrimp, and mulch shells, and kamaboko, Sarta Anda Guy! I'm afraid I'm going to eat too much.

PM 2:25 Let's look for craft born in Okinawa Yachimmun no Sato

Yachimmun no Sato, located in Yomitan Village in central Motojima, is the center of Okinawan pottery making. Nearly 20 workshops are currently gathered, including the workshop of Jiro Kaneshiro, a living national treasure. Why don't you visit a pottery shop directly and find your favorite point in your travel memories? You must also see the traditional big climbing kiln!

Recommended points

The appeal of Okinawa's pottery "Yachimn (yaki)" is the thick thickness and the color that makes the more you use it. Recently, the number of works with modern patterns and colors has been increasing, so if you look around, you should just want it.

PM 4:15 Mihama American Village where you can feel the American atmosphere and the state-of-the-art Okinawa

"Mihama American Village" has a ferris wheel symbol. In Chatan-cho in central Motojima, shops with an American atmosphere are lined up on a site of five Tokyo Domes. It is a popular spot with many locals, including beaches, gourmet spots, shops, live houses, movie theaters, bowling alleys.

Recommended points

It is a city that is particularly sensitive to fashion, so you can see the changing cityscape every time you come, and you can feel the state-of-the-art Okinawa. Sunsets are beautiful along the sea, and there are ways to enjoy day and night, so it is recommended to visit slowly over half a day.

PM 6:45 PM: Toast with craft beer while watching the sunset.

Opened in 2015 in Mihama, Chatan-cho, famous as a sunset spot! At the beer bar and restaurant that is attracting attention, you can always enjoy 4 to 6 kinds of freshly made craft beer. There are many people who are enthusiastic about enjoying the freshly brewed "Chatan Beer" while watching the sunset on the terrace seat. Today is toast here!

Recommended points

For beer lovers, we recommend a bar counter seat where you can drink freshly brewed beer while watching the brewing facility. There is no doubt that you can enjoy Okinawa's night in a special food and a stylish shop.

Posted on November 18, 2016
Updated on December 11, 2023

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