From standard to secret places! Tourist spot 8 in central Okinawa Island

From standard to secret places! Tourist spot 8 in central Okinawa Island
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Various aspects of Okinawa are condensed in central Okinawa Island, from spots where you can enjoy superb views, spots where you can taste local gourmet, and spots where American culture drifts. Therefore, this time, we will select and introduce recommended sightseeing spots in central Okinawa Island. If you are thinking of a travel plan to Okinawa, please refer to it.

Recommended points

Superb view spots, city resorts, drive spots ... Enjoy the charm of Chubu with a variety of faces

Spot.01 Manzamo

scenic spot, one of the best west coast, the sea with superb view
A superb view spot featuring cliffs reminiscent of an elephant nose. The attraction is that you can see the beautiful sea of cobalt blue. The surrounding sea boasts outstanding transparency, so that the coral reef of Kaige can be seen beautifully. From Manzamo, you can also see the Motobu Peninsula and Ieshima, where the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located.

Spot.02 Mihama American Village

Colorful cityscape with exotic atmosphere
A large commercial area modeled on a resort mall on the west coast of America. At Depot Island, where colorful buildings are gathered, you can enjoy eating and shopping while feeling the pleasant breeze along the beach. When the sun goes down, the buildings around the area are lit up and creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Spot.03 Underwater Road

Let's enjoy the exhilaration of running on the sea on the Ohashi Bridge, which is about 4.7 km long!
A road running about 4.7km on the sea connecting Yosatsu Peninsula and Heianza Island. The biggest attraction is that you can enjoy driving while looking at the blue sea. You can also enjoy local gourmet food such as spicy roll tacos and mozuku tempura at Sea Station Ayahashikan. If you cross the bridge, you can easily access remote islands such as Hama Higa Island and Ikei Island.

Spot.04 Cape Maeita (blue Cave)

Experience the sea of Okinawa with your whole body. One of the best diving spots in the prefecture
A famous spot for marine activities, one of the 100 best views in Okinawa. While observing tropical fish up close, you can enjoy diving and snorkel. One of the most famous Cape Maeda is the diving point called the "blue cave." The sea where the sun shines is wrapped in mysterious blue, and a completely different world from the ground.

Recommended points

I want to enjoy local gourmet and cute cafes! Chubu gourmet spot recommended for greedy

Spot.05 Onnano Station, the market

Delicious special products are packed! A treasure trove of food standing in resort area
This is a detour spot that is popular among locals and tourists. It is located in Onna Village, one of the best resort areas in the prefecture. Here, there are many shops that fill your stomach, such as seafood such as sea grapes and Japanese spiny lobster, shaved ice and tropical juice using tropical fruits. Please drop in during your trip and enjoy each gourmet time.

Spot.06 Foreign Residential Cafe

Rest at home in chalk. How about having a meal in a foreign residential area?
Urasoe City (commonly known as Minatogawa) and Kitanakagusuku Village (commonly known as Kitanaka) in central Okinawa Island are home to cafes and shops that have been renovated from foreign houses. Here, you can meet cute shops and hidden shops that you want to take photos involuntarily or hideouts. You can enjoy coffee, sweets, and healthy Okinawan cuisine, so you may stay for a long time. Some of them offer unique miscellaneous goods, so it's a good idea to look for your favorite miscellaneous goods.

Recommended points

You will surely find your own favorite! Let's enjoy Okinawan vessels at Yachimunosato

Spot.07 Yachimmun no Sato

Between your unique taste! He is healed by Okinawa's traditional craft "Yachimun"
Pottery is famous for its pottery. In each workshop, teapots, dishes such as bowls, teapots, dishes, etc. are lined up in a narrow space. Each container has a different expression, and there are many tourists who are attracted to its depth. There are also galleries and cafes attached to the workshop, so it is one way to enjoy a leisurely stroll while searching for your favorite vessels.

Recommended points

An urban resort beach with a casual atmosphere where you can see the sunset while enjoying the sea breeze

Spot.08 Chatan Park Sunset Beach

Popular sunset spot where you can enjoy in a luxurious location
An open-air resort beach adjacent to Mihama American Village. You can enjoy the superb view of the sparkling sea, white sandy beach, and the setting sun dyed in red. In summer, locals are often seen enjoying BBQ (available on the day) as well as swimming. It may be a good idea to enjoy the sea of Okinawa in the same way as locals.

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