Perfect for driving course! Five remote islands can be reached by car from Okinawa Island

Perfect for driving course! Five remote islands can be reached by car from Okinawa Island
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Since I came on a trip to Okinawa, I want to enjoy every corner! "But the number of days of stay is short.……"I want to keep the cost as much as possible." You can easily visit a remote island where you can go by car. Pick up recommended remote islands as well as popular Kouri Island and Senaga Island! On the main part of your trip, we will provide you with recommended spots on remote islands that you can enjoy while driving.

If you are a beginner in Okinawa, I definitely want to go! "Kourishima" is a standard tourist spot in the northern part

Very popular as a standard tourist spot in northern Okinawa Island! Kourijima is a remote island called Koijima. The exhilaration of driving by car on the 1960-meter-long Kouri-ohashi Bridge is exceptional! Driving while looking at the emerald green sea below is so loud that you can say "beautiful!" You can enjoy a mysterious feeling as if you were floating on the sea. It's a spot I'd like to take in the drive course.

On the other side of Kouri-ohashi Bridge, there is a heart-shaped rock called "Heart Rock" on Teine Beach, located on the north side of the island. It has become a hot topic because it has become a stage for TV commercials of an airline where a popular group appeared, and is always crowded with tourists. Because of the shape of the heart of this rock and Kotori Island is called Koi Island, it came to be said to be a sacred place of love. The slope heading to Heart Rock has a slippery scaffold, so it is recommended to visit with easy-to-walk sneakers.

If you want to see the beautiful sea and the beautiful sunset, go to Sesoko Island

"Sesoko-ohashi Bridge", which connects Okinawa Island and Sesoko Island, was opened in 1985. It is close to 10 minutes from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, so you can easily drop in on and from. The reason why the middle of the bridge is slightly higher is that ships come and go under the bridge. The beautiful sea and its characteristic bridge shape are perfect for photos. After crossing the bridge, there is a free parking lot on the left, so be sure to park your car and take a walk around Shimauchi.

"Sesoko Beach" boasts one of the most beautiful beauty in Okinawa Prefecture. The natural beach, which extends about 800 meters long, is loved not only by tourists but also by locals. Smooth white sandy beach and highly transparent sea are perfect for tropical mood. Because it is shallow, you can see fish and corals even with the naked eye, you can easily enjoy snorkel. It is safe because there is a guard from mid-April to early October. In addition, you can overlook Iejima and Minnajima from the beach to the coast, and it is also famous as a sunset spot.

In the settlement of Sesoko Island, there is an apple café, a stylish old private house where the French flag flutters. There are about 20 kinds of macaroons made by French shopkeepers. Okinawan ingredients such as awamori, sanponcha, I Eshima peanuts, and seasonal Okinawa fruits are kneaded into cream, and you can eat Okinawan macaroon. It's colorful colors, so you can enjoy the gift. There are plenty of baked confectionery such as canale and pie, all of which are delicious and authentic.

Underwater Road, a gateway that leads to multiple remote islands

The Underwater Road, located in Uruma City, central Okinawa Island, is a bridge with a total length of about 4.7 km from Motojima to Hama Higa Island, Heianza Island, Miyagishima and Ikei Island. It's a waste to just pass this bridge! There is a deep blue sea on both sides of the road, and there are places where you can sit down along the road. Just sitting in your favorite place and looking at the sea, you will surely be healed. If you are hungry, please go to the Sea Station Ayahashikan, located in the center of the underwater road. You can enjoy local gourmet food such as Okinawa-style tempura shop.

If you drive a car on the hill of Miyagishima while overlooking the beautiful sea, you will see "Nuchimasu Sightseeing Salt Factory". Salt made with the world's first original manufacturing method has been certified as Guinness Book as the world's largest mineral content. If you look into the salt making room on a fun guided tour, you can see the beauty of the salty snow. The finished salt gives a fine and smooth touch. It has a high health and beauty effect, and you can purchase Nuchimasu and beauty goods used, seasonings and sweets at the shop on the second floor.

After enjoying a tour of the salt factory, go to Kafubanta on the premises, Kafubanta. Kaho Banta is an Okinawa dialect, "Lucky (Kabo) Cliff (Banta)". The view from the top of the cliff at an altitude of about 80 meters is truly superb view! In fact, this area is a sacred power spot. If you look at the superb view while feeling the refreshing breeze, you can feel the power with your skin. The white sandy beach below the cliff is called "Uchinohama" and is known for sea turtles to lay eggs in the middle of the night.

The true value of the resort island! "Senaga Island"

About 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Senaga Island has a variety of spots such as resort hotels, hot springs, and shopping facilities. Even though it is a compact island that can take a round trip in about 3 minutes by car, it has all "fun", "delicious" and "healing" are gathered, so you can enjoy it without getting tired even if you stay in a day. Also, it is close to the airport, so the airplane you can see up close is impressive! Checking Senaga Island, which is evolving every day.

"Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace" opened in August 2015, is a shopping facility with many stores in slope ground. There are a variety of ranging from photogenic cafes and Okinawa-born shops, as well as shops where you can taste domestic and foreign cuisine. In the daytime, you can enjoy the scenery of the sea turtle terrace, which shines white, and at night, about 40 torches lit and you can enjoy a different scenery. Let's go out to Champloo Resort where you can enjoy without staying at home with great fashion!

Gourmet treasure trove! Let's go to the southern part of Ou Island

Oujima, about 40 minutes from Naha city, is visited by many tourists, as well as local tourists, for the famous Okinawa tempura. Unlike tempura from the mainland tempura, Okinawan tempura is characterized by a thick and chewy texture. A wide variety of tempura, such as fish, squid, and vegetables, is affordable, but it's full of volume! Perfect for snacks while driving. There are multiple Okinawa tempura shops in Shimauchi, so it is also good to compare and compare.

The sun-dried squid is a summer tradition of Ou Island. As the name implies, flying over the sea surface and is said to fly up to 50 meters. If you dry it in the sun for about half a day, the umami will be condensed and the taste increases. Of course, it is OK to eat it as it is, but it can be eaten deliciously by boiling it and boiled or boiled, or salted (salt). If you visit Ou Island, this scenery that can only be seen from late June to October!

Immediately in front of the fishing port, the nostalgic appearance is eye-catching, "Imaiyu no Shoten Oushima Marine Products Cafeteria" is a shop with plenty of local feelings. "Imaiyu" means fresh fish in Okinawan language. Imaiyu, which is purchased every day, is of course excellent freshness! You can eat Maiyu in your favorite cooking method, such as fish juice, butter grilling, and boiling. In addition, there are plenty of dishes unique to Okinawa, such as Okinawa soba and sea grapes. Enjoy the fresh Maiyu while feeling the sea spreading in front of the store.

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