"The 138th Forest Busy, Okinawa" will be held on January 25, 2025 (Saturday)

"The 138th Forest Busy, Okinawa" will be held on January 25, 2025 (Saturday)
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The concept of the bustle of the forest is "finding and digging up local festivals and performing arts that have been buried or are about to be forgotten in the area, gathering and developing them in one place regardless of time and place, and enjoy them on your trip." And The first event started in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1982, and has since been held throughout Japan, and will be the 40th event in Okinawa. It combines traditional performing arts with songs and light, so that the theme changes every time and never get tired. While you can feel the history and traditions of the past through the bustle of the forest, you can also experience Okinawa as well.
※Photos and performances are images. It may be different from the actual performance. Please understand in advance.

[Opening will welcome the audience with a gorgeous dance]

Along with the sound of Sanshin, more than 100 performers appeared one after another. The appearance of Hanagasa, dressed in a Ryukyu costume "Bingata" with the same color and pattern is a masterpiece. It begins with the "Four bamboo", which was shown when entertaining the Chinese emperor, called Sapporo. Relaxing, gorgeous and gorgeous performance attracts the audience.

[Men's performance is a series of breathtaking scenes]

Following gorgeous female dances, there are also masculine performances such as karate, stick art, and lion dance. The Ryukyu lion dance, made of Basho fiber from the torso to the feet, looks close to a real lion and is operated by two people. A lot of lions stand up, rolls, and touch each other with a powerful performance like a lion that lives, excites the venue.

[The climax is Eisa folk dance]

The performance is approaching late, and Eisa folk dance, a popular traditional Okinawan performing arts. The spectacle of about 200 performers, "Milk Munari", which is also the representative song of the creative Eisa folk dance, is full of live performance. The powerful singing voice, performance, and the sound of the drums echo throughout the venue, enhancing the performance, and the venue reaches its climax of the day.

[Outside the venue, there is a "Taste Busy" where you can enjoy Okinawa's gourmet]

There are many stalls in the lively venue. In addition to gourmet food such as Okinawa soba, Soki soba, Jushi and steak lunch box, as well as souvenirs such as awamori and pineapple flesh castella.

[About ticket purchase]

Event name: The 138th Forest Busy, Okinawa

Session: Saturday, January 25, 2025

Holding time: The 1st performance venue 11:30 Start 12:30 ~ / 2nd performance venue 15:00 Start 16:00 ~

Venue: Okinawa Convention Center (〒901-2224 4-3-1 Maki, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture)


Price: ¥4,500 per person (tax included)
※Both adults and children will be charged uniformly. If you need a seat, you will need to purchase it.
(Included in the fee: appreciation fee, 500 yen ticket with a lively taste)

※Tickets for admission to convenience stores and JTB Web site
 Sales are scheduled to begin in September 2024.

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