Okinawa - Four recommended events in February

Okinawa - Four recommended events in February
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Here are the four events held at this time to make you more enjoyable sightseeing in Okinawa in February. There are plenty of events, such as being healed by nature and enjoying sports and culture! All of them are events where you can fully feel the charm of Okinawa, so please refer to it.

Teams will gather together in Okinawa in winter! Professional baseball camp

Speaking of Okinawa in February, the baseball team's spring camp. One reason why Okinawa is chosen as a campsite is that it is relatively warm and easy to spend even in winter. It is held at baseball stadiums around the prefecture, such as Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha, Ginoza Village Baseball Stadium and Chatan Park Baseball Stadium, so you can easily visit the prefecture while sightseeing.

The recommended point of such a professional baseball camp is that you can see the practice scenery and practice games of the team up close. Professional baseball fans can spend a blissful moments because you can see players active in the Japanese ball world free of charge. Not only fans, but also those who are not yet captivated in professional baseball may be moved by the players' generous fan service.

Depending on the stadium, goods from the team camping at that location are sold. There are various types of goods sold, such as uniforms that match the players, T-shirts with a wide variety of color variations such as light blue and pink, and towels with team mascots. It can be used as you like, such as when you visit the camp or bring it back as memories. Of course, it's perfect as a souvenir for Okinawa sightseeing.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Spring camp for professional baseball
[Date and time] Every year around February
[Place] Motojima (Naha City, Urasoe City, Okinawa City, Ginowan City, Chatan Town, Nago City, etc.), Ishigaki City

The largest pottery event in the prefecture, Yomitan Yachimmun City, which has been running for more than 20 years

*Yachimn image

Yachimu (pottery) events are held several times a year in Okinawa Prefecture.
Among them, "Yomitan Yachimmun City", which has more than 20,000 visitors during the two days of the event period, making it the largest pottery event in the prefecture.
All the workshops to be opened are studios in Yomitan Village, and there are products that are sold at a discount of 2 to 3 discounts at regular prices, so many Yachimu fans from inside and outside the prefecture visit.

If you have the studio you are looking for, it's a good idea to go out early on the first day of the first day and slowly decide on the product.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Yomitan Yachimmun
[Date and time] February 24 (Sat)-25 (Sun), 2024
[Place] JA Farmers Market Yuntaku Market Plaza
[Entrance fee] Free

Japan's earliest cherry blossom viewing in Okinawa! Tobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival

Photos provided: Motobu-cho

In Okinawa, cherry blossoms bloom around late January, ahead of other prefectures. Therefore, at this time, cherry blossom festivals are held in various parts of the prefecture. "Honbu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival" is the earliest cherry blossoms. It is held every year from late January to early February at Mt. Yae, a famous cherry blossom spot, with the catchphrase "Hitoashi, Osaki Ni".

The recommended point of the headquarters Yaedake Sakura Festival is that you can see the cherry blossoms not only while driving but also walking. You can enjoy Kanhizakura (Kanhizakura) while feeling the clear air on your skin. Yoshino cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree), a common cherry tree on the mainland, is light pink, but the cold scarlet cherry blossoms are as dark as bright as plum blossoms. This flower, which blooms downward, also has the characteristic that it is hard to scatter.

Mt. Yae is a hill, and if you climb it, you can see Ieshima not only in the sea but also far away. If you turn your camera there, you can shoot a beautiful piece with cherry blossoms in the sea in the background!
In addition, there is a Okinawa soba specialty store near the entrance of the Yaedake mountain trail, and a bakery that sells bread and cookies on the mountain path, so you can enjoy climbing and cherry blossom viewing while filling your stomach.

In addition, there are many popular sightseeing spots around Mt. Yae, such as Nago pineapple park and OKINAWA Fruit Land. If you plan to visit these spots during Okinawa sightseeing in January, please drop in at the headquarters Yaedake Sakura Festival.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Head Office Yaedake Sakura Festival
[Date and time] January 20, 2024 (Sat)-2/4 (Sun), 2024
[Place] Mt. Yae, Motobucho (Sakura no Mori Park)
[Map] Motobucho Yaedake (Sakura no Mori Park) Google Map
[Entrance fee] Free
[Sponsorship] Headquarters Festival Executive Committee Secretariat (Honbu Town Planning, Commerce and Tourism Division)

The Sakura Festival is healed by the pink cherry blossoms.

"Yogi Park" is a 15-minute walk from Kokusai Street. It is known as a famous cherry blossom spot among local people. In such Yogi Park, the "Naha Sakura Festival" will be held in February. The recommended point of this event is that you can enjoy about 400 Kanhizakura (Kanhisa). You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and walking while watching the cherry blossoms that are characterized by vivid pink color. You can also watch folk song, Eisa folk dance, hula dance, etc. on the special stage. The collaboration between cherry blossoms and Okinawan traditional performing arts is a must-see!

In addition, there are booths that sell toys, booths that display and sell flowers and trees and plants, and consult horticulture, so people of all ages can enjoy it.
At Yogi Park, the venue for the Sakura Festival, there is a vapor locomotive that is preserved static. This was presented by Japanese National Railways staff in 1973 for Okinawa children who have no railways. The figure of the locomotive that shines black is truly amazing! Yogi Park, where you can enjoy not only cherry blossoms but also the history of Okinawa, is a recommended spot for families.

Recommended points

[Event Name] Naha cherry blossom festival
[Date and time] Scheduled for February 2024 (as of January 12, 2024, not issued at date and time)
[Place] Yogi Park (Naha City)
[Entrance fee] Free
[Parking lot] No,

How was it? The real pleasure of sightseeing is to experience something unique to the local area.
If you are thinking of sightseeing in Okinawa in February, please take into account the event introduced this time into your plan.

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